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 I received a call from a groomer, completely random call, who wanted to tell me that she has had several of my puppies/dogs to groom, and she complimented me :) -- she said "whoever is raising and handling these puppies has them so well adjusted; they are the best dogs I have ever handled as puppies, or as adults".  Nice to have that random feedback :) 3/21
*                     *   
He is doing wonderfully here with us, we Love him dearly, he is incredibly smart, very loving and curious, and loves walking around the Lake we live on, with me each morning at dawn, which has become one of the True, 
Blessings of my Life.  Cockapoo 5/24
*                     *                   *
*Cooper turned two last week and as you can see he still is attached to the little puppy toy you sent him. He also still plays with the bedraggled bunny you gave him when we first took him home. It is like a pacifier that he chews on a bit and then falls to sleep…so cute.
He continues to be the most loving and entertaining dog we have ever had. We are so happy to have him in our lives.  SP 5/24      *                  *
*                       *                              *
Harley is a winner! Very good tempered and smart. No accidents. you gave him a good start. Thank you!   CP 5/23* 

*         *                         *
I wanted to send you an update to let you know that Lucy is doing fantastic! I can't believe how lucky we are to have her! She is the smartest, sweetest, cutest little snuggle bug in the world!!  
*            **                              * 
Magnum is a very happy, healthy and super energetic puppy. I keep looking for the batteries to at least pause it ????  
After he was fully vaxed, we went on man hikes, walks and just enjoying nature
Thank you for bringing this puppy into my life. I love him so much.  CP 5/23
*          **                      *              *
My daughters puppy is doing great, she takes her everywhere including work. She’s a therapist and the clients love her, she would be a good therapy dog.  SP 5/23
*           *          *
Just wanted to let you know that Cola is doing well! He’s adjusting. He’s full of energy but we love him.  Cola loves the kong toy and the other ones we got him. My son Khaden adores him and takes really good care of him.  SP  5/23
* *               *
 Stanley. He's funny, very smart, loyal, loves cold weather/can't stand the heat, thinks he's a cat at times and acts like his world has come to an end when his little humans leave on the bus for school. He waits patiently on the couch looking out the window for hours. He finally walks on the leash! Hates when I leave him at the groomer or doggie daycare. And eats everything he shouldn't, still, so we're always on watch. ...He  is a wonderful addition to our family! 3/23   CP
*             *                        *
Skipper joined the Big Dog Play Park today :)  10/10/22  (FI: Skipper lives on a boat :)  CP
*               *                      * 
I just wanted to let you know Cooper was a hit with our 5  grandkids and adjusted to the usual chaos we have when they visit. It was a fantastic educational experience for the kids to learn how to take care of a puppy. Our kids were especially enamored with Cooper.  12/22
* ********* ****
Just a little update from Snoopy. She’s doing great and QUITE spoiled rotten. I keep trying to convince family members to get another “snoopy dog” but we are so spoiled to have such a good little dog. Thank you for bringing so much joy to our family!  SP 11/22
* ************* *
He is doing very well in his training classes, and so are we...????????
A friend of mine brought her 9 year old granddaughter over the other day and they played in the backyard for two hours. The little girl is a real dog lover...is saving her money to help purchase a dog...hopefully for her upcoming birthday.
We are enjoying our puppy more and more each day.
He can be very entertaining.  CP 10/22
*             *       *
Just a little update on Theo—
He loves the lake! Running around in the sand, digging in the sand, running into the water and meeting new people:) 
We got him a life vest so he can take trips out on the canoe and paddle board with the girls. 
He brings so much joy to our family and little community ????????  CP 7/22
*         *                                   *
Thank you so much for breeding such fine dogs. Sugar Bear is a delight.  She is full of it, very adventurous, determined and full of life. She is as sweet as can be - loves people.  And she is incredibly smart!!  CP  7/22
*               *                *
Bodhi had his check up today. He’s 8lbs 10ozs…vet said he is perfect and that we are so lucky because he is such a good pup! We absolutely love him! 5/22 CP
*                   *                     *
She ate just fine last night and this morning and slept through the night in her crate with her bear! No crying or whining, even though she is in a new place, what a trooper.  SP 6/22
*                     *                              *
Just wanted to say thanks for this awesome new member of our family.  We named him Hobey (short for Rehoboth).  We love him! 4/22 SP
*        **                                             *
...we purchased our cockapoo, Tilly, from you in July of 2020. We want to thank you so much! She is the love of our lives. She is sweet, loving, and energetic. Truly the perfect dog. We couldn’t be happier with her!  1/22
*               *             *
 thank you for our puppy, Mabel Noodle. Pics of her are attached (she’s 5 months old). She is super sweet, into everything, and has become one of the kids. She is so silly and goes everywhere and does everything with our kids (she even jumps into the shower with our kids often). We love her and she is super spoiled!   CP 2/22
*              *                  *
 I heard my sister Nicole put a deposit down on a shipoo. 
She loves Cannoli and I told her all about you. Especially your organic way of living. I think that’s why your dogs that you breed are amazing. Just from nature and how God intended. SP 9/21
*               *                               *
Our baby Snoopy is two today!! We love her SO much. She is honest to goodness the best little dog we could have ever dreamed of having. She loves taking hikes, getting scratches on the chest, and always comes running when she hears the whipped cream container. She’s quiet, patient, and so darned good. We are so grateful for her. Thank you for picking out the perfect dog for our family! We couldn’t be happier to have her.SP 12/21
*                 *                  *
 He is a very smart boy - he has learned many tricks/commands - over 10 - including sit, stay, wait, roll, paw, up, dance, go, walk, ring bell and still learning come - which he chooses to do when he wants. Lol. We love him very much. CP 10/21
*             *                     *
 Thanks to you Milo got a very great start in life . Thank you so much for everything you do for your puppies and the families that adopt them. 10/21
*     *************
he’s an amazing dog. And has absolutely the most perfect disposition. We are so pleased! CP  8/21
*                     *                       *
She is almost 5 months now and about 9.5 #. She is just wonderful and we are so happy she has joined our family so I wanted to thank you again for connecting us with her.  CP 9/21
*                     *                                      *
our pup Hugo. He is so sweet, funny, and fearless! Full of puppy energy and personality. He was obviously well-cared for by mom. 9/21
*                  *                 * 
tell you that it has nearly been a year since we picked up our cockapoo puppy from you and I was not prepared for how amazing and lovable this dog would be. Leo is a wonderful guy- he loves our kids, he loves to play and was born knowing how to fetch, he is not destructive in the house and only chews on his toys, he loves to be cuddled and just to hang out, he alerts us to anything going on outside, he smells good and doesn’t shed, he doesn’t care about thunderstorms, car rides or anything that give some dogs trouble.....8/21  CP
* ************************************ 
Max and Daisy just had their birthdays (Max - July 18 and Daisy August 2) and I always think of you and Wind Horse especially this time of year. They are both so full of love and life and have the best (and most comical) personalities. We are so grateful to have them in our family!     CPs 8/21
* *************** ***************    
I just wanted to reach out and thank you for Clyde. He’s the best and so worth the  6 month wait. My boys and everyone in our neighborhood adore him- so sweet and playful. CP 7/21
I love my little cockapoo, Cody, that I purchased 11/26/19.  He goes to work with me and is the sweetest little dog. 33lbs and twice the size of my last one but just sooo sweet.  My daughters friends family fell in love with him when they visited my lake house and may contact you.  Prior to Cody, the little girl was a bit afraid of dogs, but they all fell in love with him.  CP 7/21
*            *                  *
Conner is doing great and has adjusted seamlessly. We all love him. thank you for doing such a great job socializing him and taking care of him!  SP 4/21
*               *                      *
We are all in love!!! We named him Marley and he and the boys are getting along so well! It’s like he was meant to be here :) Thank you!! SP
Here’s an update on Beasley who we adopted six years ago.  She has a new grandchild to love who adores her.  Still healthy, smart, and loving - the best dog in the world.  Such a comfort during lock-down. CP 7/21
*                     *                     *             *   
Thank you for raising our precious little girl, she is a wonderful puppy. We just love her. She learned to use the dog door right away; and slept through the night from midnight to 
6:30. Yeah!   CP 5/21
*                     *                      *
 He is doing really well with commands. We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our Bodhi!  He wants to meet every person and dog he sees - super sociable! He makes us laugh and smile everyday! Thanks again!   SP 4/21
 Soophie is the sweetest, most cuddly, craziest, energetic and spunky pup. She was fully potty trained after a week and a half and sleeps through the night in the crate for the most part. She loves to go on walks and sniffs every single pole we pass by! She absolutely loves other dogs and people and I’ve never seen her become aggressive towards anyone or anything. She is truly the best dog ever. cp4/21
*              *              *
 Ellie is an angel. She is so much fun, like a wind up toy, as you said she would be, but she is also just a kind sweetheart. We've had some hard health issues to navigate over the past few years and Ellie has been such a source of joy, love, and comfort. (Thank you again for her!!!) 3/21  SP
*               *                *
We are blessed with Lenny and he is the happiest family member in pandemic as he gets all our attention 24/7. SP  4/21
*           *                       *
He is as sweet as he can be.  He is loving and almost magical in his adaptability.  He is happily enjoying every day with us, and we are happily enjoying every day with him.   He has an adorable under-bite, and often looks like he is smiling... CP 4/21
*            *             *
Today, St.Patrick’s day is Mameko’s birthday(who’s mom is Delta)!
She just turned to 4years old.
She is really sweet. She makes me smiled in the pandemic.  CP 3/21
*                *                 *
good watch dog! Although there are no houses across from us (and there is a 25 acre farm field behind us) she still knows the sound of the mail truck, the UPS truck, the trash truck and Poppa's truck! She's an AMAZING girl and we love her soooo much! CP3/21
*                *                *
 We really lucked out with this little dog. Thank you for helping her find her way to us. I know these times are hard. I hope you are doing well and that these photos and this note being you some joy. :) SP 3/21
*                       *                              *
freddie is a dream.  We are so happy we have him.  We can’t imagine our life now without him Our Grandchildren love him. 2/21 CP (Edith x Tinker)
*                *                         *
 Olive still loves her first baby that you gave her. She will be 2 years old 3/22. Happy and thriving. Loves her mile walk everyday and seeing her dog friends. We could not love her more. Everyone should have an Olive Anne 
Thanks Jeanne!   CP  2/21
*                *               *
everyone absolutely adores the Cockapoo we got from you (Millie), she is so loving and healthy and great with our toddler son. CP 2/21
*                    *                   *
Was Penny’s first trip to Fl, a long car ride, but she did great. She loves going on a trips. We went to the beach in summer, she loved digging in the sand, run in the water... She has so much personality, very funny, loves digging in the dirt, playing fetch, sleeping on her back, going for walks and loves her brother! Marcus and Penny are made for each other! We love her very much!!! 1/21 CP  *               *                  *
 tell Marianne she has been wonderful, she sleep through the night (well, I'll take 9pm to 4:30am). She is adjusting so well, and love to give kisses. Thank you for giving us such a sweet puppy! 2/21                   *                    *                *
just wanted to share a picture of my favorite little boy Duncan Charles. He was born on January 25 and just celebrated his ninth birthday. We could not be happier 1/21
*                 *                      *
 Our cockapoo puppy Oreo is over 4 years old. I have no idea where the time went! He is seriously the best dog ever. We love him so much and feel so blessed. We have been thinking lately that we would really love to have another dog. SP 1/21
*                *                *
My family and I adopted a Shihpoo (Daisy) from you about nine years ago.  I have included a picture of our sweet girl! We absolutely love her and she has been a huge part of our family. I am gathering information, as we are considering adopting another Shihpoo. 
*                *                                 *
8 years ago we got one of your Shihpoo’s and it has been the best thing we have ever done! We would love for our Louie to have another buddy! 12/19  SP
*                 *               *
our beloved cockapoo Maple, who we brought home from Wind Horse Offering In February 2019 from Apple's litter. Maple is full of personality and always cracking us up. She loves taking walks (she knows all the neighbors!) and never says no to a game of fetch. Maple is quick to learn new tricks/commands and happily follows us around the house. She's been a great addition to our family and we're especially thankful for her during this pandemic.  CP 1/21
*                *                     *
Just a quick note to let you know how much we love our little Snoopy! She’s such a smart and sweet little pupper. Loves her treats, loves to snuggle, loves the kids, walks, sniffs, and adventures! Thank you for choosing her for our family! *  12/20  SP
*                         *                       *
 I wanted to say hi and thank you for your work. We love Lucky so much. He has brought us so much joy. And everyone remarks on what a well behaved and wonderful dog he is. 12/20 CP
*                 *                        *
I remember 11 yrs ago, my husband complaining about the almost 1 hr drive (from our home to your farm). "This dog better
be worth it"...He loved her so much and when he passed, she missed him dearly.. Since then I took over the daily walks she loves! Chewy is the best dog
we ever had! Smart, as a whip, funny and even at 11.5 yrs she looks and acts like a pup..Thank you!.  12/20
* **********************
our little guy is “Tim Tam” he is gorgeous & very social!  CP 10/20
*                    *                          *
 the groomer asked where I came from and said that I was so pretty and that  she loves me!  CP 10/20 Muffie
Penny is doing wonderful! She’s happy, full of energy, eats good, likes being outside, loves chasing Marcus around. This coming week she has her next vet appointment. She brings a lot of joy!  CP  4/20
*         ***************
I just wanted to thank you again for our Snoopy. We got her from you on Valentine’s Day this year. She is so very loved and very spoiled by our family. She has turned out to be a most excellent travel companion and has ready enjoyed road trips to Smoky Mountains, Deep Creek Lake, a horse farm in Virginia, and running free in Vermont. She loves to get into mischief when she’s permitted, and her favorite thing to do is pile up with our three kids (whom she thinks are her siblings). She’s our baby and has brought us so much joy to our home.  SP 9/20
*              *                      *
 Sweet and feisty. Fun and troublesome. Shaggy and cute as a button. We could not love him more.  9/20 CP
*                 *   
We are so excited to have a friend for Lyric, she has truly been such a great puppy. She is so social and this is why we feel she will be so happy having a buddy.  CP 9/20
*                 *                        *
Five years ago we "adopted" a cockapoo puppy from you.  We named him Rex and he has been the heart of our family ever since. Rex goes with us everywhere! His favorite way to spend time is riding in my sister's boat with her dog.... He also loves the beach! CP 8/20
*                *                                     *
Well, here’s your boy at 3 months old. He is so sweet and so much fun.We love him to pieces. He is playful and very loving. He can lick my face for 5 minutes straight in the morning when I let him out of his crate.
He can sit, give paw and lay down. Walking on a leash is a work in progress.  CP 8/20
*                 *                                 *
I had gotten my dog Snoop from you 5 years ago and he is the love of our lives. CP 8/20
*             *                    *
wanted to thank you again for our  puppy! Murphy is doing great his first week with us! He is going outside to the bathroom almost perfectly and even sleeps in his crate in our room so good! We are so happy to have him as a member of our family!
Thank you again!  CP 8/20* 
*                  *                     *               
The fun has not stopped since I picked up Sam in May! He is so sweet, so loving, so playful and such a rascal!! We absolutely adore him and he’s the hit of the neighborhood!!  cp 8/20
*                *                       *
First of all  thank you so much for our wonderful cockapoo Petie. We got him from you about four years ago and he has just been honestly my favorite dog in the world, and everyone else’s too. He has the best personality and brings us so much joy. He loves to paddle board and go on our boat. He has become quite the salty dog! CP 7/20

We adopted Bailey, our cockapoo two years ago. We love her so much. She is such an incredible part of our family. 5/20
*           *                    *
 I saw a picture of Nxxxr‘s dog on Facebook (Nash) and fell in love.  I got in touch with him and he gave you a stunning recommendation as well as your contact information.6/20
*                *                      *
 I was just hugging my little Coco and was overwhelmed with a feeling of gratitude for having such a wonderful little being in my life. And with that thought I just had to send you a message and say “Thanks” to you who made all this possible.
It’s been two years now and she has filled the hearts of both myself and my husband. SP 6/20
*               *                    *
 just want to thank you so much for your work. We are so in love with Lucky. He has been so delightful and just what our family needed. I was a reluctant to get a dog for a long time, but knew when I we got one it would all be ok. But I just didn’t expect it to be so wonderful.

Also, I just can’t believe how easy he’s been. I know it’s still the honeymoon, but in one week, he’s almost housebroken, he doesn’t mind his crate, he sleeps through the night. He was born to be a snuggly, wonderful, family pet. And we are constantly being stopped on the street when we take him on walks (in a tote bag, since he’s so little and doesn’t have all his shots) and told how he is just the cutest. And we agree!  5/20
*            *                *
we adopted our shih tsu in Nov 2010.  We are loving our furry character!  He is defiant, and has his own mind...will do what he wants WHEN he wants,  he loves to play-Make you chase him around the tables as he carrys a toy  and watches the outdoor channel-he answers the deer calls, and sings (his indoor barking) to deer or other animals he sees on TV.  Oh, he does NOT like the harmonica sound.  He responds every time to Bob Evan's commercial. 
He has won over so very many of our friends hearts.  ST 5/20
*                         *                         *
We are so happy with, Crisco!  She is so sweet, smart and has the best personality.  She loves people and other dogs.  She’s also very popular in the neighborhood…mainly because she is so cute!  Children and adults can’t pass her without wanting to pet or play with her.  Bullie 5/20*      *       *
*                  *         *
 few pictures of Charlie, whom we brought home on March 1st. He has brought us so much joy and fun , especially during this time where we are all home. He’s a great puppy! And he still loves that stuffed animal that you sent home with him. He sleeps with it every night and carries it around.
*               *              *
My family adopted our cockapoo, Maisy, from you about 6 years ago. She has been the greatest dog which has made me want to reach out to you about adopting.  CP  3/20
*           *                    *
  Her personality is incredible. She is so playful and probably the smartest puppy I've ever had!  CP  3/20
*     * *
*We have been enjoying having Louie with us as he is coming up on his first birthday soon.  he is doing well and keeps us busy with all his puppy energy.  Sometimes we just cant help but laugh at his behavior.  I think he must think he is part human with the way he sits on the sofa.  I included a few pictures of how he sits back on the sofa or chair like a person would.    CP 5/20              *                    *
*Remember when Muffie was smaller than this toy you gave us to comfort her in the car with a familiar smell? We will always preserve it! You are a wonderful breeder! You are making many people happy! God bless!  CP 3/20
* *                   *
  purchased a shitzua-poo back in 2010.
Her name is Molly so she turned 10 in January still very healthy and takes a mile walk every day.  SP 5/20
*             *                       *
Attachments area I recently adopted a shih-poo puppy from you this past July. I first wanted to say that our puppy, Ivy, is the most amazing dog I have ever owned. She is so sweet, happy, and very entertaining!*SP 1/20Our little Lyric turned a year this past week and she has been such an amazing addition to our family. My wife and I have been discussing a second puppy to give Lyric a pal. CP 3/20
*                  *                          *
Zoe is the best! Sweet, good-natured, friendly, and cuddly!  CP  2/20
*Everyone has adjusted nicely! Snoopy gets along with her Hammy sister, and loves snuggles with the kids. Her favorite thing is to get strapped in her harness and ride along with me to pick up the kids from school every day. :) Thank you again for our sweet puppy!  SP 1/20
*                *                    *
Once again, good luck with your remaining puppies and adult dogs. I would not hesitate to come get another puppy in the future... 
Thank you, for such a perfect little girl bulldog. She is an absolute delight. I so enjoyed meeting you and observing you in your element. What a wholesome life-style.   English Bulldog 1/20
          *             *
 Milo is doing great...He’s been to the vet and got a clean bill of health and is working hard on potty training, sitting, and patience. He’s an absolute sweetheart.*   CP 1/20                *                           *
let you know that Bandit is doing great! He was so easy on the ride home, is letting us know when he needs to go outside to use the ‘bathroom’, is loving his crate (we stuck a comfy bed in there) and slept through the night his first night. When I woke up this morning, he was just sitting sweetly in the crate/ on his bed waiting for me. ???? He is so fun and funny. Thank you! CP 12/19
*                     *                    *
She is so special!! Very, very smart! We Love her so much!! Thank you for our precious Muffie!!  CP 12/19
*          *              *
 Jeanne Davis BEST DOG EVER I love her so much I will always remember you. You gave me so much pleasure. SP 12/19
*                    *                              *
*Bruno is going to turn on Feb 2.
He is super spoiled ( only eats kibbles if fed from our hands). 
 He loves to snuggle, gives kisses and follows us everywhere we go. SP 12/19
*                  *                 *
quick update on our little Eleanor. She had her Vet visit yesterday and received a clean bill of health! They loved her!
She is doing great and has settled in nicely and is much loved by our Hamilton gang. We had 10 Midshipmen staying here for the Army/Navy 
game and she was in her glory with all of the attention:)! Thnnx again for our sweet little pup! 12/19 SP
*                *                            *
I recently adopted a shih-poo puppy from you this past July. I first wanted to say that our puppy, Ivy, is the most amazing dog I have ever owned. She is so sweet, happy, and very entertaining!  12/19
*                           *                         *
Hi Jeanne - it’s been a while since I sent you a picture, but today is Sadie’s 10th Birthday so I wanted you to see how beautiful she still is.  I can’t believe we’ve had her for 10 years already. She brings so much joy to our lives and I can’t even begin to imagine life without her.  I hope all is well with you!  10/19
*           *                  *
We love him so much.  We are so happy!   SP 12/1/19
*               *                          *
Happy as can be!! Loves his toys and new house. Eating and sleeping well and no inside accidents!! CP 11/19 (report after 2 days at home :)
*                 *                                 *
Just a quick note to let you know that we are in love with our little pup! She is doing great, so far a very smooth transition:)!  SP 11/19
*                *                             *                         *
Thank you everyone. I loved all of the pictures and Trevor enjoyed seeing his siblings. Here are a couple of photos of our 6 year old who is still very much a puppy. He usually has a tennis ball in his mouth, doesn't know the meaning of "enough" when it comes to chasing tennis balls, and his tail still wags non stop - sometimes even in his sleep. He's happy, healthy, and a total goofball. 10/19 CP
*                   *                      *
Just wanted to reach out and let you know how enamored we are with our absolute angel of a pup Ruthie who we picked up from you 10/13/17… We are so incredibly happy we chose the cockapoo breed and found you. She is the BEST dog we have ever had and we get compliments on her all the time! We will probably be reaching out in the next few years for another pup. CP 10/19 
*                  *                       *
some photos of Bradley in his 5th Birthday!   He is the sweetest little fur baby! SP 11/19
*                      *                                       *
Just wanted to let you know Penny is doing AWESOME! She has been adjusting wonderfully to the house, yard, & kids. They were beyond excited when we brought her home. She is eating, drinking and doing great using the bathroom outside. CP 8/19
*                   *                             *
Olive is 22#. She was spayed and was full of energy 24 hours later. She is smart, friendly, energetic and just the best!  Easy to train CP10/19
*                           *                                                        *
 I just wanted to tell you that Clara is doing great and we are so happy having her in our family. She is such a great puppy. Thank you so much!CP 10/19

  *                   *                                                *

HAPPY 3rd Birthday to Dana's puppies...our Frankie girl is 3 today and we just adore her and thank you, STILL for her!!  Can;t imagine our family without her!!  CP 9/19
*                  *                   *
He is doing wonderfully!!  He follows us everywhere, plays, and has only done his business outside!!  Mookie is perfect for us.  We are in love. :) CP 9/19
*                *   
The trip home (No. Carolina) went great! He sat/slept on my lap most of the way. He slept all night, too. Our girls are “over the moon” about him. CP 9/19
*                       *                          * 
Muffie is such a marvel!! I think she is the smartest puppy we have ever had! She is our love!  Muffie definitely rules the roost! She loves to play tug of war and chase the ball back and forth and one of her greatest games is to steal the bones from the "big dogs" area!!   CP 8/19
*            *         *                        *
you gave us Lacey  about three years ago and she is the best dog ever! We love her so much, she is so sweet and delightful. 8/19  Shih Tzu
*                      *
He is so sweet, energetic, smart....and super loveable! We so enjoy having him. CP  8/19
*              *                          *
 LIly got a clean bill of health yesterday.  She is eating her kibble better with chicken broth on it. She is the sweetest puppy ever! Thank you!
CP (phantom/girl) 5/19
*                   *
 I just wanted to touch base on Cooper’s birthday(4) today and let you know he is the best, best dog and (belatedly) we can’t thank you enough again! His personality is wonderful and he is so smart! .... he just hangs with us (and relishes frisbee throwing!) but I thought you might enjoy it. He is grain-free (thank you!) and we only visit the vet for check ups (knock on wood).8/19 CP
*                    *                              *
give you an update on Chuckles. We love him! He did great on the trip back home, he slept through most of it. He really likes to be under things, and under our feet even when we are standing up, but he has been just laying in the middle of our living room lately. He is not that interested in treats at the moment, but he loves his food. He is a very happy puppy, and not afraid of stairs or jumping off the couch. Thank you for raising happy puppies!
 CP 8/19
*             *               *
We are so crazy about our wonderful little Duncan. He is adorable and smart as a whip. He's doing well with house training and he slept through the night last night!

Just wanted to say I'm so glad we found you and thanks!  CP  8/19
*  *************** ***********
Muffie is          amazing! So smart, very energetic and playful but will go along with any situation. We had our daughter visit from Knoxville, TN last weekend with her husband, our 4 Grandchildren and their Cairn Terrier. Muffie had a blast with all of the extra attentionI CP 6/19
*                   *                                 *
  he really is cute. We are so glad we got him.  He loves running around outside in the back yard with his little football   He has been sleeping through the night which is awesome. Everyone is pitching in taking care of him. Thanks again  CP 7/19
*                      *                                          *
 * have been wanting to reach out and give you an update on Nash. She’s settled in immediately from day one. She has such a sweet and calm demeanor, even though she is an instigator!!!! She loves to play and run in our backyard. Leash training has been a little bit of a challenge, but she gets a little bit better each day. My niece was in a terrible accident back in January, with a long road to recovery. Nash spends a lot of time with her and has been very therapeutic for my niece. They enjoy each other’s company. I just wanted you to know that she’s doing great and we couldn’t be more proud to have her as a member of our family. I look forward to speaking to you again when we add another puppy next year. CP 6/19
*              *                         *
I want to let you know that our puppy is doing very well!  We named him Otis and he is a wonderful dog.  I do not get much work done because I’m either playing him or watching him.  We take him everywhere and my granddaughter (6 years) thinks he is the perfect size.  6/19  CP
*                      *                              *
We have had Penny (Shihpoo) for almost three years now and she is an absolute delight--the friendliest little dog, up for anything, especially snuggling on the couch. We adore her. SP 6/19
* *                  *                           *
She’s truly an angel! Could hold her bladder through the night since we got her. Only a few accidents in the house. Walks super well on a leash and learned some fetch tonight ???? We could not be happier ?  CP 5/19
*                  *                       *
 Jetty has exceeded our wildest wishes!  He was a dream on the drive home, slept thru the night and is eliminating outside regularly.  We know its only been 1 day but he hasn't had any accidents! Jetty is comfortable in the crate and the best snuggle puppy. We know its best to get him used to the crate, but its difficult to resist loving on him all day!   Your pick for us was aces!  Thank you! CP 5/19
 Well Muffie got a glowing report (from the vet) and EVERYONE wanted to take her home with them! Thank you for your hard work and dedication to raising BEAUTIFUL, HEALTHY, Cockapoos!!  5/19 CP
*                     **                       *
I wanted to tell you what a pleasant experience it has been working with you/WHO. My previous experiences with a breeder was not very good, and as soon as I put down a deposit things were dubious.  And the followup was even worse.  I was very weary of the whole breeder experience again, but can’t tell you how different the experience with WHO has been.  Thank you, you are appreciated!!  I am happy to post a testamonial on your webpage at any time.  Now, back to puppy play here in Yorktown :) CP 1/19
*                  *                                    *
All is going well so far with Lily, and we love her dearly ???? She is exactly as you said she’d be so far. CP 5/19
*   *                   *                              *
 I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful dog Winston is.  He has the best disposition.  He loves everyone and loves dogs regardless of there size.  He is so happy and makes everyone smile. He has a great personality, loves to be chased.   I bring him to work with me (senior living community) the residents love him.  On Wednesdays he is with our Alzheimer’s residents they call him “the little white dog” they have paintings that they drew of him hanging up all over the place.  My daughter who has special needs loves him. It took her a little while to warm up to him as she was extremely fond of our last dog. He is great with her and all the kids at her school.  He has brought so much joy to us.  I can’t thank you enough. CP  3/29
*                   *                                        *
We wanted to send a note to let you know what a wonderful addition Watson has been to our family. We got him from you last March. He is my first dog and we all couldn’t be happier.  CP 3/19
* *     *
Thank you for such an awesome puppy, she has been amazing. Doing great eating and going potty outside SP 2/19
Just wanted to let you know Chloe is doing wonderful! My son takes her everywhere with him she is so spoiled! Thanks again for picking that beautiful little puppy.
SP 3/19
*                *                             *                *
The puppy is doing wonderful- my mom & dad just love him.  He has been very good for them.  They’ve had him almost 2 weeks & I think he has only had 1 or 2 messes in the house only because he couldn’t go out with the weather.  They had him vet checked - all is good- .  He seems very healthy & is getting plenty of attention with everyone coming & going.  SP 2/19
*                    *                                 *
just wanted to share. Jean, our Teddy brings us so much joy. We are home this evening playing with this little boy. He's so well behaved, sweet, fun, and just such a gift. So lucky to have found you and your wind horse offering.1/19 SP
*                  *                                     *
  Maddie is doing very 
well.  Full of spunk.  She is stealing the heart of everyone she meets.  
I took her to the vet yesterday and he gave her a clean bill of health.  
We're glad we found you!  Thanks very much. CP 2/19
*                 *                         *  
Hi Jeanne, they are the love of our lives and growing and very healthy and happy!  CP  1/19
*                     *                      *

 Just wanted you to know that Luna is doing great.  She is such a sweetheart (and practically potty trained already…knock on wood).  Quick question….took her to vet today (they said she looked fantastic)    CP 1/19

*                    *                           *

Barkley did great on the trip.  He spent the whole flight on my lap and was perfect.  We are very happy. SP 1/19 (Barkley went to CA :)
*                 *                                   *
Happy New Year!  We have had the most wonderful year with Ace. We all absolutely adore him.  He is the sweetest, smartest dog I’ve ever had. He is my son’s best friend!
Thanks for breeding such amazing pups! CP 1/19 
*                  *                 *                         *
Thank you so much for MOlly. She brings never ending joy to the family.  SP 12/18
*               *              *
 ... of our hilarious little girl Zoey. We love her so much and she has become quite the popular girl in NYC! She has more friends than we do haha. NK 12/18
*                        *                               *
Frankie girl is such a lovely dog...we just treasure her...so docile, kind...and a very funny personality...and often smiles...that puts us over the edge!! 
CF 12/18 (Frankie is now 1 1/2 yrs old).
*                      *                      *
(This is a pix Chelsea.) This is Chelsie she is adorable we love her so much very spoiled *    SP11/19 (adopted 3 yrs ago; returning family)
*                    *              *                     *
Just wanted to thank you for Milo I just love him. I know we got off to a rocky start but this little guy is my buddy and the best gift I could have gotten from anyone including Santa : SP 11/18
*                  *                    *
It’s been two weeks since we brought Callie home and she is doing great!  She is crate trained and goes to the door when she has to go potty.  She’s already learned how to sit, lay down and walk on a leash with a harness.  Callie has such a wonderful disposition.  She is a combination of sweet, loving and playful.  We are enjoying the new addition to our family.  Thank you so much for breeding such a happy and healthy puppy. CP 11/18
*             *                     *
He is so funny and sweet. Huge personality and loves to snuggle. CP 11/18
*                      *******************                   *
Potty training going fabulous. We have maybe one accident a day but they are small and no big deal. He’s learned to go out back and is sleeping in bed with us at night - I could not resist.  CP 11/18
*                   *                       *
He knows his name and knows sit and down. CP 11/18
*                        *                         *
 Georgie is a joy! She seems to be settling in to her new digs and keeping us entertained and on our toes. Thank you for helping to bring her into this world and all your tender loving care! 
We’re so happy to have our new pup  -  CP 11/18
*                  *                            *
Its been going well.  He has been sleeping at night without whining.  He  seems to be adjusting.  Its been raining here and he doesn’t seem to be a fan of the rain so this morning he didn’t want to go out.  It stopped and he went out. (CP 11/18 (first time puppy owners :)
*                 ** ***************
What a sweet love he is!!! His first night went well. Cried for maybe 5 minutes and then went right to sleep. Has been going to the bathroom outside and no issues at all. We had to go get him a little sweater so he won’t be cold. He looks darling in it. He has now met all of our family dogs and they all loved him. He wasn’t scared or anything. He is just the sweetest.  CP (8 wks) 11/18
*                  *                          *
 Thanks so much!!! She has done completely  amazing! Thank you so much and we will take good care of her!!!*    SP 11/18
*                               *                     *
Duke is a real Casanova!  he was blinking his beady eyes, and three different nurses were hugging him all the way into the vet check 
examing room (Wellness ck, all good, BTW). SP 11/18
*               *                              *
 Thought you would enjoy seeing how Buddy is developing.  He received his Canine Good Citizen certification  the end of Sept.  He is a sweet dog, and
we are extremely happy with him.  CB  10/18 CP
*                   *                      *
Jeanne Davis BEST DOG EVER best breeder !! I love this dog.*  CN 10/18 SP
*                           *                            *
I have to agree, Jeanne does a fabulous job with her puppies. We got our puppy this time last year. Our Bella turned a year old yesterday and she is a fabulous addition to our family.   CP 10/18
*                   *              * 
 we are getting ready to head back to Florida and I just wanted to take time and tell you how wonderful Jessee the shipoo is. I am so happy with her she is wonderful. I couldn't be happier. It was so nice to have met you and what a wonderful job you do with all your animals, again thank you so much SP 9/18
*                  *                                 *
He ended up getting to be about 26 lbs and he has a beautiful multi-colored coat (his under-layers are lighter than his top, so when he gets his hair cut it looks different). He is the happiest and most loving little guy and loves to run at the dog park with other dogs, play with his balls and chew on anything that he can find, and most of all make new friends with people and animals alike..  CP 10/18
*                  *                         * 
He is wonderful! Happy and healthy!  He is about 14 pounds -- nice and small which is exactly what we wanted. You mentioned he is the "quiet one".  That has changed! He is quite verbal.  He is truly a gift.  Thanks again for providing us with him! CP 9/18
*                 *                            *
.I just wanted to email you and thank you again for our precious Lucy! She is doing fantastic and is such a fast learner.  Already sleeping throughout the night in her crate (first night :) ! We cant go anywhere without every person stopping us to tell us how adorable she is and pet her (which she LOVES!). CP 5/18
*                *                 *
Just a quick note to let you know that Lola is doing great!  She’s very at home & is learning quickly. She’s a smart, sweet, loving little pup. CP 9/18
*                 *                                 * 
 Harley after his first grooming today. He did just fine. He's now had all his shots and he's a happy little fella, and the light of my life.Thank you so much!!
CP 9/18 
*           *                        *
*Thought you would like to see how one of your pups is growing. He is about 22 pounds right now and has exceeded my limit of 20 pounds. I don’t think he read the manual that came with him. He is a really good puppy. He has a sweet disposition , very laid-back, and has made friends with every dog , animal , and person that he has met. He is a little bit shy to begin with but once he warms up he is a sweetie with everyone.  Eventually we want to get him 
certified as a therapy dog. He already knows basic obedience commands. 7/18
*                       *                  *
 Zeus...  He is an absolute joy to have in our home.  We take him with is when we shop often and he turns heads wherever we go. He was 5lbs 2oz when we went to the vet.  He is soooo smart.  He is using the bathroom outside for the most part.  Because of the rain, we are also pad training him.  He has slept in his crate the entire night since day one with no whining.  He has learned the sit command, the place command, the down command, the command to come when we call his name and the take it command.  For just being 11 weeks yesterday, we are truly amazed.  Even the vet said we got ourselves a great pup.
 SP 8/18*   * 
 Milo at 5 months and how much his coloring has changed. He got his first haircut and did great! You told me he talks and he does. He talks back to his mom but we love him.  SP 7/18
*         *                *
 puppy Zoe (Bullie), (I think she was in Tommy’s litter) she is such a blessing to us, once she got past her menacing days as a puppy :) *  8/18             *                      *                               *     
Winston is doing great! We already love him so much. So sweet and playful. He woke up in the middle of the night once and cried a little bit, but settled down quickly. Thank you so much!  SP  7/18
*         *********        *
Ellie is such a sweet beautiful puppy!
She had a good trip home. She just curled up and slept most of the way home. We are so happy to have her here! CP 6/18
*                   *                      *

I just thought I would let you know Cobby had a great first night in his new home.  He is perfect for our family, we all love him and he seems very happy to be here!


Thank you,  CP  6/18

 *                    *
These dogs are wonderful!!  Such awesome personalities and demeanors.  Thank you for such amazing dogs!!  (SP's -- three yrs later :)
*                       *                                     *                    *
Even better is my husband didn't want a little dog. We always had Samoyeds. He thought they were brilliant. They were handsome but never brilliant, IMO. Enter the Cosemeister. He's not really a dog. More like a spirit or something. They are attached at the hip. Smart as a whip. Pays attention and learns from his mistakes. He is a joy.       SP  5/18
*                      *           *                            *
Dash warms up quickly to everybody that he meets.  He has won everybody over -- even the cat :) Thank you! 4/18 CP
*                      *                         *
Harper will be 11 weeks old this Thursday, we are absolutely loving her!  She is about 5 lbs and absolutely LOVES her toys and people.  She’s such a sweet girl!  Thank you for bringing us to our lil’ fur baby ???? CP 5/18
*                       *                      *
The dearest, most gentle spirit we have ever known. Quiet and obedient but no pushover. Large personality. Fun and engaging. Just the best. Thank you. SP 4/18
*                    *                                    *
*We love the puppy and have named him Rocky. He has started liking his crate and sleeps in it during the night. Eating is erratic and no major accidents.    CP 5/18
*                                    *                     *
Margot is adorable.  We love her.  First night she slept from 9:30-5:15 which was great!  She only cried for about 20 mins when we left her in the crate. 
Her appetitite picked up, and she is going to the bathroom outside. 5/18 (Editors note: She did cry the second night, but she will understand...)
I did some pet sitting for the cutest most loveable little cockapoo named Louie in Landenberg...I asked about his breeding - Windhorse Offering!!! He is awesome...he even recognizes my car when I'm in his neighborhood. Love him!!*     5/18
*               *              *                       *
 thank you enough for the most beautiful beautiful puppy I just love Sam everybody’s eating him up and I am just smitten to the max and he’s eaten all his meals can you believe it we have been going outside for the bathroom he is just wonderful thank U thank U thank U for what you’ve done to make my life even that much better.  CP  5/18
*                       *                                 *
Just wanted tol let you know, first night was great!!! Slept entire night,no accidents at all/no crying. Very happy in his new home. So sweet with everyone but still has lots of energy. Thnks so much. All I love.  SP 4/18
*                     *                                 *
 Mameko turned to 1year old!!
Her weight is 24lb. She is very wonderful dog!!
Thanks to you, I've enjoyed my American life with our dog!!    CP 3/18
 *               **                       *                                          *
Cami went for her puppy wellness check. .Everybody loved her and she was so well behaved. She is in 
perfect health. Thank you!    4/18 CP
*                  **                               *
Baily is growing like a weed,. She can sit, stay, come, lay down, and is so close to being fully housebroken. We can't imagine life without her! CP 4/18
*                 *
I'm writing to let you know what a delight it is to have this sweet girl.  We ended up naming her Pepper.She is such a good lilttle girl when I take her to work, and she just loves playing with my grandson's.  Who knew those little legs could move so fast!  SP 3/18
*                    *                                         *

 *Henry. We’ve had him home for a week now, and he is adjusting very well. He loves his new home, his toys, and running around the backyard. We love him so much! He is happy and healthy. He’s eating, using the potty outside, and overall just being a very sweet boy. CP 3/18

*                       *                              *
Great night, he has a level of sweetness that is blowing men away.  Everyone doing really well.  Last night before bed, he and the cat were rolling around on the floor.... CP 3/18
           *                       *
We are thoroughly in love with our Cockapoo puppy that we purchased from you in October. We have named him Mingus after my husband’s favorite jazz musician. Mingus is growing beautifully and has adjusted well to his home and family. CP 12/17
*                       *                                           *
Zoey is doing so well, she's absolutely hilarious, and has quite the personality. 28 lbs!  We moved to NYC. She is very happy. CP 1/18
*                      *                                       *
I just wanted to thank you for our precious Domino. I fall more and more in love with him everyday. He makes me laugh. He is eating and sleeping well. He got an excellent health
report from the vet; and we have even enrolled him in puppy classes to continue his socialization. Thank you! 12/17 CP
*                           *                                 *
 We are enjoying every minute with our Ruthie. She is now 3 months old and is an absolute joy!  CP 12/17
*            *                      *
 He went right to sleep and did not wake up again until  6 o’clock this morning. The kids were absolutely thrilled when they met their new puppy before school this morning and had a solid hour or two together before they got on the bus. Ace was amazing with the kids but was definitely ready to see them go and has been napping ever since. He is the perfect addition to our family! Thanks again!  CP  12/17
*            *                                   *
Bella is doing wonderfully. She slept last night and then woke up at 5 am I took her out and she has been pottying outside. She loves the snow. Personally I have fallen completely in love with her. 12/17  CP
*               *                         *
  I wanted to send you a few updated pics of Bungee first of all. I think we told you this but she’s officially a therapy dog and is seriously the best dog EVER!! She makes everyone so happy. We took her on our last family trip to Arizona). She didn’t make a peep the entire trip. So well behaved… it’s really unbelievable! 12/17
*                      *                      *

 Just came back from a vet who said he was very healthy and he could tell that you were a very good breeder. We could not be happier. Everyone loves him. He is just perfect. CP 12/17

*                           *                 *

Teddy the Truck is doing really good. He is a happy and playfull puppy.
My family and I are very happy and want to thank you for allowing us to be part of your extended family.SP  12/17
*                     *                                 *
I have given your name out to two different people who loved my Colby. He is the best... potty training is going wonderful. Thank you so much for our little piece of heaven.  SP  10/17
*                   *                           *
Wanted to let you know this little bugger has stolen our hearts!! He had a great first two days, started eating on his first day home SP 12/17
*                      *                                     *
A quick note to let you know our puppy, Roxie, is doing great and is well loved. Had a check up today and the vet loves her new patient. She knows right where to pee and poop and sleeps thru good portion of the night. She and my 3 yr old son, Tad, are best buds and play outside, chasing each other and exploring new fallen leaves. I think they’re going to grow up together and be best buds. The other 4 love her too!  CP 11/17
*                  *                     *
Patton did great and they have been out running around in the yard which is very funny and makes us smile. He slept the whole night (first night). CP 11/17
*                    *                        *
 He’s the sweetest little guy and loves the girls. He got to go to the bus stop this morning and loved being the center of attention! CP 11/17
*                 *                            *
Surrey is doing great!! He is adjusting well to his new home and sleeping through the night. Reagan,our 6 yr old boxer, loves Surrey and Surrey loves to pester her! Lol!
He really enjoys the neighborhood and daycare kids. When he sees them he runs over to greet them!!
We are so excited and happy to have him in our lives. Thank you so much for this sweet, wonderful puppy!! CP  10/17
*                  **                    *
She really is, she is too cute and the sweetest little thing! She has been sleeping through the night easily (bed at 930pm and wake up at 7am????, amazing!) and we have yet to have ANY accidents inside. She has been eating like a little piggy and got an all clear from the vet on Saturday. Thank you so much for this little angel, she obviously has had time training outside and it shows! It has made being puppy parents too easy for us. We could not be happier! CP 10/17 
* ****************************
I wanted to send you a picture of Cleo ... We love her , she's a great puppy , very smart and cute !! She slept through the night from the first night home , never cried or wined !...  . She is very friendly with people and other dogs , a little timid at times but getting more confident as she gets older .  I love looking at all your puppy pictures on instagram , wish we could get another puppy but it's not practical for us right now .  Maybe sometime down the road !
Thanks for breeding such great dogs !  CP  10/17
*                     *                        *
She is doing really well and is so loved by us and many others. She is calm and relaxed, and then will get in a zany mode and run around in circles outside. She is so adorable! When she went in for a vet check up, she was in perfect condition - C'poo 6/17