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120px-US-DeptOfVeteransAffairs-Seal.svgChiens PAWS certificatepo 

 IMG 20150603 122233156IMG 20150422 103203255IMG 20160718 110037309

Chien (Cockapoo/ raised, but subsequently rescued) and I (human) are a certified Therapy Team, 

through PAWSforPeople.org. -- Shown here at a Delaware Air National Guard Deployment.

We are an ongoing and regular Therapy Team (in our 6th year!) at the Veterans Hospital in Elsmere, DE! Chien and I LOVE our Veterans. (Chien shown sleeping with his favorite Marine :)

(The first pix, he is part of an art project at the VA :)

WHO is might also the temporary home to some indoor cats who need fostering while their human family members are deployed, serving our great USA! Program: Guardian Angel for Solder's Pet.

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                                                 *******Discount to Families of the Military...********

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 BTW: My FB page: windhorseoffering.

Wind Horse Offering, is public. So feel free to visit! or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Also, ***jeannedavis92 is my current Instagram address.***


I breed, selectively, Purebred and First Generation puppies.  These are VERY cool dogs! They are  carefully bred,  lovingly raised at home by me, and offered for sale (adoption, really!) having had their first shots, regular wormings and a health guarantee. These are all happy, fun, and well sociialized They are puppies just waiting for a lap to sit in (or, as in the Bullies a couch to hang out on :), and a best friend ready-made. The Cockapoo's and Shihpoo's are versatile, active and hypoallergenic. The Bullies are sound, athletic and great laid-back dogs! References from previous adopters are available.

Each puppy is selectively and lovingly handled, appreciated and played with.  They are bred for size, disposition, soundness, and compatibility. Visitors are most welcome, by appointment.

I do request that any adopting family not  work or go to school full time so that my puppies can be properly housebroken, and their socialization can continue. I reserve the right to approve or disapprove of what I  deem as appropriate homes for my puppies. It is my Promise to my puppies. 

The Cockapoo puppies are all registered with the American Cockapoo Club (Cockapoo's).  They go home with having had their first shots, regular de-wormings, health records,health guarantee,some recommended NuVet vitamins, some of the food that they have been eating, some suggestions for follow-up and management, and an article or toy with the scent of the litter on it.

Shihpoo's are, BTW, doubly hypoallegenic b/c both the Shih Tzu and the Poodle have hair which grows; not fur, which falls out (hence the dander).

Puppies may be reserved prior to their pick up at 8 wks, by emailing Jeanne at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or calling her: 610 291 9550.               

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Another note: from now on 10/20, into the unforeseeable future, I will be donating a percentage of the received adoption fee to the Baltimore Food Bank.  Not having enough 

to eat should NOT be a problem in the United States!  

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  Please email me for specific information as to when puppies are expected, and their availability. Thnx!  ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or IG: windhorse02.)

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                                                                           Cockapoos :)

                          Pls email me: puppies availabl3! born7/30/22. Reservations being accepted

                                              on a limited basis. text 610 291 9550 or email.


                               (litter is pix, have been previously adopted. Just a "for instance"...)

                                                                          20210926 125835       



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                                                                                   Shihpoo's :) AVAILABLE!

                                                                             Dutchiess Aug 2020


                                              Shihpoo's  are here! (June 2022). (new pix available on IG)

                      different colors and  genders available :)

                              One very fluffy, friendly, and vivacious boy still available! :)


           Email me for details! :) This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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                                   (some previous puppies, below FYI :) 

                                  And remember to ck IG: Jeannedavis92                  



IMG 20160305 133537814*     IMG 20170216 103043237                                                                                                           




DSC 9343IMG 20150815 122902421IMG 20150811 122207885IMG 20170216 103108892

 IMG 1112ddddownsized 0510130953photo 23


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           Shihpoo's are smaller than Cockapoo's, 

           small Miniature Poodle dad, doubly hypoallergenic,

                                        versatile, smart and fun!

IMG 20160519 105824226    Shihpoo puppy                          

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