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image 5



IMG 20160923 074918625 HDR

The girls in their play pen on a foggy morning.

IMG 20151209 103113766-2 1

A very good Cockapoo handbook!

IMG 20160930 173508441 HDR

New row of prayer flags



Zi/ counter canter

FHI ** Test Ride

IMG 20160527 130410889

June, in her castle :)

image 19

Cinco in the morning light :)

IMG 20161012 114506818 HDR

Two gold medals/cycling,

Delaware Sr. Olympics.

Ridden in honor of Sgt. Roger Adams, Jr.

Fallen American hero/Iraq


fox hunting

image 22

In the start house at Nationals, 

June 2017

acclogo 150 



IMG 20170511 172009009


Nice to have this certification!



















prayer flags 13

The Wind Horse on a Tibetan Prayer Flag




Birthday Boy




Life after Eventing