"Nobody can make you be a Loser -- That is up to you."

- Martina Navratilova
"Competence is like pornography; you know it when you see it."

- paraphrased from Bill Maher
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Horses for Sale

CORONATION. (sold locally  :)

17.1, 7yr old, by Coromino (Holst)

out of Pequena Hermana, half Andalusian, half Canadian Sport horse

(Good Twist lines on bottom)

Quiet, sound, green, excellent/natural jumper! gentle in nature, generous in movement. 

Big, elegant mover, light over the ground; bred to jump, top and botto


1020141444  6 wks under tack,10/14

0829141639 9/14


0930141521 2 wk under tack

Youtube video:Youtu.be/nXkuGFxprlM








                                                                      Catherine Middleton (Has a new owner!)

   5 yr old, 1/4 Andalusian (Pequena Hermana), Good Twist jumper lines, by Holsteiner, Coromino (Cor de la Breyere lines.)

Lovely, big,grey, sound, gentle, generous, compliant individual.

                                      IMG 20160930 165242124