"We can't change the world except insofar as we change the way we look at the world - and, in fact, any one of us can make that change, in any direction, at any moment. The point of life, in the view of the Dalai Lama, is happiness, and that lies within our grasp, our untapped potential, with every breath".

- Pico Iyler
".....the insistence on discipline, but without meanness."             

- Michael Klimke
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Horses for Sale

CORONATION. (sold locally  :)

17.1, 7yr old, by Coromino (Holst)

out of Pequena Hermana, half Andalusian, half Canadian Sport horse

(Good Twist lines on bottom)

Quiet, sound, green, excellent/natural jumper! gentle in nature, generous in movement. 

Big, elegant mover, light over the ground; bred to jump, top and botto


1020141444  6 wks under tack,10/14

0829141639 9/14


0930141521 2 wk under tack

Youtube video:Youtu.be/nXkuGFxprlM








                                                                      Catherine Middleton (Has a new owner!)

   5 yr old, 1/4 Andalusian (Pequena Hermana), Good Twist jumper lines, by Holsteiner, Coromino (Cor de la Breyere lines.)

Lovely, big,grey, sound, gentle, generous, compliant individual.

                                      IMG 20160930 165242124