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- Ray Lewis (football)
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- Pico Iyler
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Directions to Wind Horse Offering

815 Sandy Bottom Road
Earleville, Maryland 21919
Phone (cell) 610 291 9550
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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From the SOUTH: Take I-95 (No) to the Elkton, Md., Exit Route 279.  Go toward Elkton, three lights, to Route 213. Go left (So) on 213. Continue past Elkton, about 12 miles, to Cecilton.   At the light in Cecilton, turn Right, Route 282.  Go about a mile and a half out of town. New Cut Road comes in on, first, the right, and then the left. Take New Cut Road, left, .8 miles to the “T”.  Turn right, on to Sandy Bottom Road. Go .2 mile, farm is on the left. Big high hedges, white house right next to the road with a white fence around it. First drive is the barn.  

From the NORTH: Take Route 202 South, to Route 1 South. Take the Route 1 By-pass, around Kennett Square, continue on Route 1 By-pass for four exits, Route 841, West Grove. Exit. Go left at the top of the ramp. Follow 841 through West Grove, and out the other side through the country, very windy, crosses Route 896, continue until it crosses the Mason/Dixon Line in Maryland where 841 becomes  Route 213.  Continue on 213 to Elkton, then follow directions to Cecilton as above.  

From the North or East: Take I-95 South (or cross the Delaware Memorial Bridge I-295 and merge into I-95 South).  Go to Exit 4A, Christiana Mall Exit. Take Routes l and 7, toward Dover. Continue on 1 (after 7 splits off). Continue on l to the Middletown/Odessa, Route 299 Exit 136 . Turn right at the top of the ramp. Go through Middletown. Merge South onto 301. Continue about three miles on 301/299, until 299 splits off to the right toward Warwick (just before a big tractor dealership on the left). 299 (Delaware) becomes 282 (Maryland) shortly. Continue on 282 to Cecilton (about six miles). Go straight on 282 at the light in Cecilton. Go out of town about a mile an a half. New Cut Road comes in on the right and then the left. Take the left New Cut Road. Go .8 mile to the “T” at Sandy Bottom Road. Turn right. Go .2 – high hedges on the left. Barn driveway is first, the house – white with white picket fence around it. 815 Sandy Bottom Road.

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