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Just wanted to let you know Penny is doing AWESOME! She has been adjusting wonderfully to the house, yard, & kids. They were beyond excited when we brought her home. She is eating, drinking and doing great using the bathroom outside. CP 8/19
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 HAPPY 3rd Birthday to Dana's puppies...our Frankie girl is 3 today and we just adore her and thank you, STILL for her!!  Can;t imagine our family without her!!  CP 9/19
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He is doing wonderfully!!  He follows us everywhere, plays, and has only done his business outside!!  Mookie is perfect for us.  We are in love. :) CP 9/19
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The trip home (No. Carolina) went great! He sat/slept on my lap most of the way. He slept all night, too. Our girls are “over the moon” about him. CP 9/19
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Muffie is such a marvel!! I think she is the smartest puppy we have ever had! She is our love!  Muffie definitely rules the roost! She loves to play tug of war and chase the ball back and forth and one of her greatest games is to steal the bones from the "big dogs" area!!   CP 8/19
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you gave us Lacey  about three years ago and she is the best dog ever! We love her so much, she is so sweet and delightful. 8/19  Shih Tzu
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He is so sweet, energetic, smart....and super loveable! We so enjoy having him. CP  8/19
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 LIly got a clean bill of health yesterday.  She is eating her kibble better with chicken broth on it. She is the sweetest puppy ever! Thank you!
CP (phantom/girl) 5/19
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 I just wanted to touch base on Cooper’s birthday(4) today and let you know he is the best, best dog and (belatedly) we can’t thank you enough again! His personality is wonderful and he is so smart! .... he just hangs with us (and relishes frisbee throwing!) but I thought you might enjoy it. He is grain-free (thank you!) and we only visit the vet for check ups (knock on wood).8/19 CP
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give you an update on Chuckles. We love him! He did great on the trip back home, he slept through most of it. He really likes to be under things, and under our feet even when we are standing up, but he has been just laying in the middle of our living room lately. He is not that interested in treats at the moment, but he loves his food. He is a very happy puppy, and not afraid of stairs or jumping off the couch. Thank you for raising happy puppies!
 CP 8/19
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We are so crazy about our wonderful little Duncan. He is adorable and smart as a whip. He's doing well with house training and he slept through the night last night!

Just wanted to say I'm so glad we found you and thanks!  CP  8/19
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Muffie is          amazing! So smart, very energetic and playful but will go along with any situation. We had our daughter visit from Knoxville, TN last weekend with her husband, our 4 Grandchildren and their Cairn Terrier. Muffie had a blast with all of the extra attentionI CP 6/19
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  he really is cute. We are so glad we got him.  He loves running around outside in the back yard with his little football   He has been sleeping through the night which is awesome. Everyone is pitching in taking care of him. Thanks again  CP 7/19
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 * have been wanting to reach out and give you an update on Nash. She’s settled in immediately from day one. She has such a sweet and calm demeanor, even though she is an instigator!!!! She loves to play and run in our backyard. Leash training has been a little bit of a challenge, but she gets a little bit better each day. My niece was in a terrible accident back in January, with a long road to recovery. Nash spends a lot of time with her and has been very therapeutic for my niece. They enjoy each other’s company. I just wanted you to know that she’s doing great and we couldn’t be more proud to have her as a member of our family. I look forward to speaking to you again when we add another puppy next year. CP 6/19
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I want to let you know that our puppy is doing very well!  We named him Otis and he is a wonderful dog.  I do not get much work done because I’m either playing him or watching him.  We take him everywhere and my granddaughter (6 years) thinks he is the perfect size.  6/19  CP
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We have had Penny (Shihpoo) for almost three years now and she is an absolute delight--the friendliest little dog, up for anything, especially snuggling on the couch. We adore her. SP 6/19
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She’s truly an angel! Could hold her bladder through the night since we got her. Only a few accidents in the house. Walks super well on a leash and learned some fetch tonight ???? We could not be happier ?  CP 5/19
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 Jetty has exceeded our wildest wishes!  He was a dream on the drive home, slept thru the night and is eliminating outside regularly.  We know its only been 1 day but he hasn't had any accidents! Jetty is comfortable in the crate and the best snuggle puppy. We know its best to get him used to the crate, but its difficult to resist loving on him all day!   Your pick for us was aces!  Thank you! CP 5/19
 Well Muffie got a glowing report (from the vet) and EVERYONE wanted to take her home with them! Thank you for your hard work and dedication to raising BEAUTIFUL, HEALTHY, Cockapoos!!  5/19 CP
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I wanted to tell you what a pleasant experience it has been working with you/WHO. My previous experiences with a breeder was not very good, and as soon as I put down a deposit things were dubious.  And the followup was even worse.  I was very weary of the whole breeder experience again, but can’t tell you how different the experience with WHO has been.  Thank you, you are appreciated!!  I am happy to post a testamonial on your webpage at any time.  Now, back to puppy play here in Yorktown :) CP 1/19
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All is going well so far with Lily, and we love her dearly ???? She is exactly as you said she’d be so far. CP 5/19
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 I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful dog Winston is.  He has the best disposition.  He loves everyone and loves dogs regardless of there size.  He is so happy and makes everyone smile. He has a great personality, loves to be chased.   I bring him to work with me (senior living community) the residents love him.  On Wednesdays he is with our Alzheimer’s residents they call him “the little white dog” they have paintings that they drew of him hanging up all over the place.  My daughter who has special needs loves him. It took her a little while to warm up to him as she was extremely fond of our last dog. He is great with her and all the kids at her school.  He has brought so much joy to us.  I can’t thank you enough. CP  3/29
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We wanted to send a note to let you know what a wonderful addition Watson has been to our family. We got him from you last March. He is my first dog and we all couldn’t be happier.  CP 3/19
* *     *
Thank you for such an awesome puppy, she has been amazing. Doing great eating and going potty outside SP 2/19
Just wanted to let you know Chloe is doing wonderful! My son takes her everywhere with him she is so spoiled! Thanks again for picking that beautiful little puppy.
SP 3/19
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The puppy is doing wonderful- my mom & dad just love him.  He has been very good for them.  They’ve had him almost 2 weeks & I think he has only had 1 or 2 messes in the house only because he couldn’t go out with the weather.  They had him vet checked - all is good- .  He seems very healthy & is getting plenty of attention with everyone coming & going.  SP 2/19
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just wanted to share. Jean, our Teddy brings us so much joy. We are home this evening playing with this little boy. He's so well behaved, sweet, fun, and just such a gift. So lucky to have found you and your wind horse offering.1/19 SP
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  Maddie is doing very 
well.  Full of spunk.  She is stealing the heart of everyone she meets.  
I took her to the vet yesterday and he gave her a clean bill of health.  
We're glad we found you!  Thanks very much. CP 2/19
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Hi Jeanne, they are the love of our lives and growing and very healthy and happy!  CP  1/19
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 Just wanted you to know that Luna is doing great.  She is such a sweetheart (and practically potty trained already…knock on wood).  Quick question….took her to vet today (they said she looked fantastic)    CP 1/19

*                    *                           *

Barkley did great on the trip.  He spent the whole flight on my lap and was perfect.  We are very happy. SP 1/19 (Barkley went to CA :)
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Happy New Year!  We have had the most wonderful year with Ace. We all absolutely adore him.  He is the sweetest, smartest dog I’ve ever had. He is my son’s best friend!
Thanks for breeding such amazing pups! CP 1/19 
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Thank you so much for MOlly. She brings never ending joy to the family.  SP 12/18
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 ... of our hilarious little girl Zoey. We love her so much and she has become quite the popular girl in NYC! She has more friends than we do haha. NK 12/18
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Frankie girl is such a lovely dog...we just treasure her...so docile, kind...and a very funny personality...and often smiles...that puts us over the edge!! 
CF 12/18 (Frankie is now 1 1/2 yrs old).
*                      *                      *
(This is a pix Chelsea.) This is Chelsie she is adorable we love her so much very spoiled *    SP11/19 (adopted 3 yrs ago; returning family)
*                    *              *                     *
Just wanted to thank you for Milo I just love him. I know we got off to a rocky start but this little guy is my buddy and the best gift I could have gotten from anyone including Santa : SP 11/18
*                  *                    *
It’s been two weeks since we brought Callie home and she is doing great!  She is crate trained and goes to the door when she has to go potty.  She’s already learned how to sit, lay down and walk on a leash with a harness.  Callie has such a wonderful disposition.  She is a combination of sweet, loving and playful.  We are enjoying the new addition to our family.  Thank you so much for breeding such a happy and healthy puppy. CP 11/18
*             *                     *
He is so funny and sweet. Huge personality and loves to snuggle. CP 11/18
*                      *******************                   *
Potty training going fabulous. We have maybe one accident a day but they are small and no big deal. He’s learned to go out back and is sleeping in bed with us at night - I could not resist.  CP 11/18
*                   *                       *
He knows his name and knows sit and down. CP 11/18
*                        *                         *
 Georgie is a joy! She seems to be settling in to her new digs and keeping us entertained and on our toes. Thank you for helping to bring her into this world and all your tender loving care! 
We’re so happy to have our new pup  -  CP 11/18
*                  *                            *
Its been going well.  He has been sleeping at night without whining.  He  seems to be adjusting.  Its been raining here and he doesn’t seem to be a fan of the rain so this morning he didn’t want to go out.  It stopped and he went out. (CP 11/18 (first time puppy owners :)
*                 ** ***************
What a sweet love he is!!! His first night went well. Cried for maybe 5 minutes and then went right to sleep. Has been going to the bathroom outside and no issues at all. We had to go get him a little sweater so he won’t be cold. He looks darling in it. He has now met all of our family dogs and they all loved him. He wasn’t scared or anything. He is just the sweetest.  CP (8 wks) 11/18
*                  *                          *
 Thanks so much!!! She has done completely  amazing! Thank you so much and we will take good care of her!!!*    SP 11/18
*                               *                     *
Duke is a real Casanova!  he was blinking his beady eyes, and three different nurses were hugging him all the way into the vet check 
examing room (Wellness ck, all good, BTW). SP 11/18
*               *                              *
 Thought you would enjoy seeing how Buddy is developing.  He received his Canine Good Citizen certification  the end of Sept.  He is a sweet dog, and
we are extremely happy with him.  CB  10/18 CP
*                   *                      *
Jeanne Davis BEST DOG EVER best breeder !! I love this dog.*  CN 10/18 SP
*                           *                            *
I have to agree, Jeanne does a fabulous job with her puppies. We got our puppy this time last year. Our Bella turned a year old yesterday and she is a fabulous addition to our family.   CP 10/18
*                   *              * 
 we are getting ready to head back to Florida and I just wanted to take time and tell you how wonderful Jessee the shipoo is. I am so happy with her she is wonderful. I couldn't be happier. It was so nice to have met you and what a wonderful job you do with all your animals, again thank you so much SP 9/18
*                  *                                 *
He ended up getting to be about 26 lbs and he has a beautiful multi-colored coat (his under-layers are lighter than his top, so when he gets his hair cut it looks different). He is the happiest and most loving little guy and loves to run at the dog park with other dogs, play with his balls and chew on anything that he can find, and most of all make new friends with people and animals alike..  CP 10/18
*                  *                         * 
He is wonderful! Happy and healthy!  He is about 14 pounds -- nice and small which is exactly what we wanted. You mentioned he is the "quiet one".  That has changed! He is quite verbal.  He is truly a gift.  Thanks again for providing us with him! CP 9/18
*                 *                            *
.I just wanted to email you and thank you again for our precious Lucy! She is doing fantastic and is such a fast learner.  Already sleeping throughout the night in her crate (first night :) ! We cant go anywhere without every person stopping us to tell us how adorable she is and pet her (which she LOVES!). CP 5/18
*                *                 *
Just a quick note to let you know that Lola is doing great!  She’s very at home & is learning quickly. She’s a smart, sweet, loving little pup. CP 9/18
*                 *                                 * 
 Harley after his first grooming today. He did just fine. He's now had all his shots and he's a happy little fella, and the light of my life.Thank you so much!!
CP 9/18 
*           *                        *
*Thought you would like to see how one of your pups is growing. He is about 22 pounds right now and has exceeded my limit of 20 pounds. I don’t think he read the manual that came with him. He is a really good puppy. He has a sweet disposition , very laid-back, and has made friends with every dog , animal , and person that he has met. He is a little bit shy to begin with but once he warms up he is a sweetie with everyone.  Eventually we want to get him 
certified as a therapy dog. He already knows basic obedience commands. 7/18
*                       *                  *
 Zeus...  He is an absolute joy to have in our home.  We take him with is when we shop often and he turns heads wherever we go. He was 5lbs 2oz when we went to the vet.  He is soooo smart.  He is using the bathroom outside for the most part.  Because of the rain, we are also pad training him.  He has slept in his crate the entire night since day one with no whining.  He has learned the sit command, the place command, the down command, the command to come when we call his name and the take it command.  For just being 11 weeks yesterday, we are truly amazed.  Even the vet said we got ourselves a great pup.
 SP 8/18*   * 
 Milo at 5 months and how much his coloring has changed. He got his first haircut and did great! You told me he talks and he does. He talks back to his mom but we love him.  SP 7/18
*         *                *
 puppy Zoe (Bullie), (I think she was in Tommy’s litter) she is such a blessing to us, once she got past her menacing days as a puppy :) *  8/18             *                      *                               *     
Winston is doing great! We already love him so much. So sweet and playful. He woke up in the middle of the night once and cried a little bit, but settled down quickly. Thank you so much!  SP  7/18
*         *********        *
Ellie is such a sweet beautiful puppy!
She had a good trip home. She just curled up and slept most of the way home. We are so happy to have her here! CP 6/18
*                   *                      *

I just thought I would let you know Cobby had a great first night in his new home.  He is perfect for our family, we all love him and he seems very happy to be here!


Thank you,  CP  6/18

 *                    *
These dogs are wonderful!!  Such awesome personalities and demeanors.  Thank you for such amazing dogs!!  (SP's -- three yrs later :)
*                       *                                     *                    *
Even better is my husband didn't want a little dog. We always had Samoyeds. He thought they were brilliant. They were handsome but never brilliant, IMO. Enter the Cosemeister. He's not really a dog. More like a spirit or something. They are attached at the hip. Smart as a whip. Pays attention and learns from his mistakes. He is a joy.       SP  5/18
*                      *           *                            *
Dash warms up quickly to everybody that he meets.  He has won everybody over -- even the cat :) Thank you! 4/18 CP
*                      *                         *
Harper will be 11 weeks old this Thursday, we are absolutely loving her!  She is about 5 lbs and absolutely LOVES her toys and people.  She’s such a sweet girl!  Thank you for bringing us to our lil’ fur baby ???? CP 5/18
*                       *                      *
The dearest, most gentle spirit we have ever known. Quiet and obedient but no pushover. Large personality. Fun and engaging. Just the best. Thank you. SP 4/18
*                    *                                    *
*We love the puppy and have named him Rocky. He has started liking his crate and sleeps in it during the night. Eating is erratic and no major accidents.    CP 5/18
*                                    *                     *
Margot is adorable.  We love her.  First night she slept from 9:30-5:15 which was great!  She only cried for about 20 mins when we left her in the crate. 
Her appetitite picked up, and she is going to the bathroom outside. 5/18 (Editors note: She did cry the second night, but she will understand...)
I did some pet sitting for the cutest most loveable little cockapoo named Louie in Landenberg...I asked about his breeding - Windhorse Offering!!! He is awesome...he even recognizes my car when I'm in his neighborhood. Love him!!*     5/18
*               *              *                       *
 thank you enough for the most beautiful beautiful puppy I just love Sam everybody’s eating him up and I am just smitten to the max and he’s eaten all his meals can you believe it we have been going outside for the bathroom he is just wonderful thank U thank U thank U for what you’ve done to make my life even that much better.  CP  5/18
*                       *                                 *
Just wanted tol let you know, first night was great!!! Slept entire night,no accidents at all/no crying. Very happy in his new home. So sweet with everyone but still has lots of energy. Thnks so much. All I love.  SP 4/18
*                     *                                 *
 Mameko turned to 1year old!!
Her weight is 24lb. She is very wonderful dog!!
Thanks to you, I've enjoyed my American life with our dog!!    CP 3/18
 *               **                       *                                          *
Cami went for her puppy wellness check. .Everybody loved her and she was so well behaved. She is in 
perfect health. Thank you!    4/18 CP
*                  **                               *
Baily is growing like a weed,. She can sit, stay, come, lay down, and is so close to being fully housebroken. We can't imagine life without her! CP 4/18
*                 *
I'm writing to let you know what a delight it is to have this sweet girl.  We ended up naming her Pepper.She is such a good lilttle girl when I take her to work, and she just loves playing with my grandson's.  Who knew those little legs could move so fast!  SP 3/18
*                    *                                         *

 *Henry. We’ve had him home for a week now, and he is adjusting very well. He loves his new home, his toys, and running around the backyard. We love him so much! He is happy and healthy. He’s eating, using the potty outside, and overall just being a very sweet boy. CP 3/18

*                       *                              *
Great night, he has a level of sweetness that is blowing men away.  Everyone doing really well.  Last night before bed, he and the cat were rolling around on the floor.... CP 3/18
           *                       *
We are thoroughly in love with our Cockapoo puppy that we purchased from you in October. We have named him Mingus after my husband’s favorite jazz musician. Mingus is growing beautifully and has adjusted well to his home and family. CP 12/17
*                       *                                           *
Zoey is doing so well, she's absolutely hilarious, and has quite the personality. 28 lbs!  We moved to NYC. She is very happy. CP 1/18
*                      *                                       *
I just wanted to thank you for our precious Domino. I fall more and more in love with him everyday. He makes me laugh. He is eating and sleeping well. He got an excellent health
report from the vet; and we have even enrolled him in puppy classes to continue his socialization. Thank you! 12/17 CP
*                           *                                 *
 We are enjoying every minute with our Ruthie. She is now 3 months old and is an absolute joy!  CP 12/17
*            *                      *
 He went right to sleep and did not wake up again until  6 o’clock this morning. The kids were absolutely thrilled when they met their new puppy before school this morning and had a solid hour or two together before they got on the bus. Ace was amazing with the kids but was definitely ready to see them go and has been napping ever since. He is the perfect addition to our family! Thanks again!  CP  12/17
*            *                                   *
Bella is doing wonderfully. She slept last night and then woke up at 5 am I took her out and she has been pottying outside. She loves the snow. Personally I have fallen completely in love with her. 12/17  CP
*               *                         *
  I wanted to send you a few updated pics of Bungee first of all. I think we told you this but she’s officially a therapy dog and is seriously the best dog EVER!! She makes everyone so happy. We took her on our last family trip to Arizona). She didn’t make a peep the entire trip. So well behaved… it’s really unbelievable! 12/17
*                      *                      *

 Just came back from a vet who said he was very healthy and he could tell that you were a very good breeder. We could not be happier. Everyone loves him. He is just perfect. CP 12/17

*                           *                 *

Teddy the Truck is doing really good. He is a happy and playfull puppy.
My family and I are very happy and want to thank you for allowing us to be part of your extended family.SP  12/17
*                     *                                 *
I have given your name out to two different people who loved my Colby. He is the best... potty training is going wonderful. Thank you so much for our little piece of heaven.  SP  10/17
*                   *                           *
Wanted to let you know this little bugger has stolen our hearts!! He had a great first two days, started eating on his first day home SP 12/17
*                      *                                     *
A quick note to let you know our puppy, Roxie, is doing great and is well loved. Had a check up today and the vet loves her new patient. She knows right where to pee and poop and sleeps thru good portion of the night. She and my 3 yr old son, Tad, are best buds and play outside, chasing each other and exploring new fallen leaves. I think they’re going to grow up together and be best buds. The other 4 love her too!  CP 11/17
*                  *                     *
Patton did great and they have been out running around in the yard which is very funny and makes us smile. He slept the whole night (first night). CP 11/17
*                    *                        *
 He’s the sweetest little guy and loves the girls. He got to go to the bus stop this morning and loved being the center of attention! CP 11/17
*                 *                            *
Surrey is doing great!! He is adjusting well to his new home and sleeping through the night. Reagan,our 6 yr old boxer, loves Surrey and Surrey loves to pester her! Lol!
He really enjoys the neighborhood and daycare kids. When he sees them he runs over to greet them!!
We are so excited and happy to have him in our lives. Thank you so much for this sweet, wonderful puppy!! CP  10/17
*                  **                    *
She really is, she is too cute and the sweetest little thing! She has been sleeping through the night easily (bed at 930pm and wake up at 7am????, amazing!) and we have yet to have ANY accidents inside. She has been eating like a little piggy and got an all clear from the vet on Saturday. Thank you so much for this little angel, she obviously has had time training outside and it shows! It has made being puppy parents too easy for us. We could not be happier! CP 10/17 
* ****************************
I wanted to send you a picture of Cleo ... We love her , she's a great puppy , very smart and cute !! She slept through the night from the first night home , never cried or wined !...  . She is very friendly with people and other dogs , a little timid at times but getting more confident as she gets older .  I love looking at all your puppy pictures on instagram , wish we could get another puppy but it's not practical for us right now .  Maybe sometime down the road !
Thanks for breeding such great dogs !  CP  10/17
*                     *                        *
She is doing really well and is so loved by us and many others. She is calm and relaxed, and then will get in a zany mode and run around in circles outside. She is so adorable! When she went in for a vet check up, she was in perfect condition - C'poo 6/17
*                 *                  *
I just wanted to reach out and thank you for bringing such a perfect puppy into our lives! We are all so happy with Milo, he has such a sweet personality and has adjusted to our family perfectly. He has learned basic commands and is house trained already! Our other two dogs Macy and Mojo adore him and they love to run around outside and play all day. Thank you so much!  CP 10/17
*            *               *
The sibling-scented towel worked wonderfully well last night.  She sniffed her way into her crate, cuddled down, and that was the last I heard from her until five this morning.  She's been busy trying to train me to come when she calls and is quite certain I'm supposed to provide constant entertainment for all her waking hours--I think I'm still in mostly in charge, maybe.  Glad I read the book you recommended. SP 10/17
*                 *                  *
You raise some good puppies!! So far Noodle is a wonderful addition to the family!
He LOVES his pillow pet and will snuggle down and fall right asleep on him at night (we tested without the pillow pet and he cried). Thanks for that suggestion!*
SP  10/17
*              *                   *      
We went to Camping in Monongahela National Forest 2 weeks ago.
Our dog, Mameko really enjoyed camping.
My husband and ? really enjoy our life with our dog.Thank you. CP 9/17 (first time puppy owners :)
*                  *                           *
Thank you for your support, Jeanne.  She really is amazing.  She sleeps well at night in her crate. She has learned 'sit' and today we worked on 'come'. She plays but also chills with us when we are watching a movie.  I started with gating our mudroom area then eventually joined to our kitchen, all still on the small side.  We have stayed within the yard, walking with her on a leash and has had off leash time too.  And she has demonstrated being house trained, only one time we missed it when she went over to the door but I didn't make it in time.  She is doing great. Cp, 9/17 (been home 3 days :)
*                      *                                     *
 Roxie was great on the ride home and has continued to be such a joy.  We are delighted. (CP, 9/17)
*                      *                                                 *
Hope you are well...we are just loving this little puppy of yours..now ours...she is so very smart and has developed quite her own silly personality...upon waking @ 6:30 am...she is promptly ready to play...and love us all...I cannot thank you ENOUGH for the joy you have brought to our family and our children...Frankie loves the baby and often enjoys nibbling her little toes...which baby, Nina, enjoys, too!! CP   9/17
*                      *                 *
Wanted to give you a quick update on Gus.  He is awesome!  He's been a pleasure to have and is very active and healthy.  We are very happy.  If you ever need a reference please feel free to give out my information. (Cpoo)
We love to see all the various puppies coming out of WHO and we have also passed your name onto other people who are looking for a puppy. D.L.9/17
*                    *                              *
 Raini is adjusting to a new home.  Her personality has continued to blossom and she is more wonderful every day. C'poo 9/17M.B.
*                       *           *                  *
We LOVE Murphy!  C'oo 9/17  K.M.
*              *                *
Calli is doing great!  She is definitely being spoiled and is so, so sweet.  She took to her crate right away and has done a great job going to it on her own for naps and bedtime and is very content hanging out in it.  She is doing well with pottying outside.  Her personality continues to grow and she has been very playful so far today* Cpoo 8/17
*                                     *            *                      *
  Ziva loves the grass in our yard and is taking a nap right now.  I think we have already taken 50 pictures of her!  Lol. We are proud parents! Thank you so much for matching her with us and bringing joy back to our lives!*  Cpoo 8/17
*                   *              *                     *
I just wanted to send you a pic of my Lola and say thank you sooo much!!!She is the best thing to happen to me in a very long time!! S'poo 8/17
*          *                   *
It's been almost a year since we adopted our sweet cockapoo Oreo from you. We love him so much and he has been such a welcome addition to our family. Lately we have been thinking about adding another dog to our family. c'poo 8/17
*                *              *
I wanted to give you an update on Bender.  He has adjusted well to our family and we can't take him anywhere without everyone stopping us to tell us how cute he is.  Everyone's first question is where did you get him so of course I've been passing that information along.  Eng Bullie 7/17
... She's the most loving, playful, happy dog I've ever had.  Cpoo 6/17
* * *******************
 He is extremely smart, full of energy, very healthy. The pup is great and we will be sure to recommend you to others. C'poo 6/17
*                        *                                 *
Daisy is such a joy- easy to train and has had minimal accidents. She waits to go outside and is walking well on the leash. She loves to play fetch. Cpoo 6/17                    *                    *
 Jackson is the best thing that ever happened to me and he sends his love to you.  Cpoo 6/17
*                      *                       *
Mikey is the most wonderful, loving puppy. He is perfect for our family. We all love him so much. Thank you for all that you do with your puppies! Cpoo 6/17
*           *                          *
 Bodhi is doing really well transitioning to his new home and slept really well the first night ;-) C'poo 2/17
*               *                *
Boone is doing really well. I just love him so much. He is such a personality and talks a lot. 6/17  Eng Bulldog 
*                 *                               *
Puppy Harvey doing wonderful he is alot of fun and so precious. Just LOVE him so much ..just wanted to keep u posted that he is doing very well .5/17 C'poo
*                     *                      *
I love my puppy (Cpoo) I have never had a dog like this! right away he slept through the night;he is so smart. everybody loves him -- so do I :)*          *                *
 We are in Montana  for a week. This is Jax' 3rd adventure by plane already and he is a champ at traveling. We love this guy and he's becoming a Facebook celebrity.  Many thanks again for your love and care in raising your dogs.*    5/17 Shihpoo
*                    * **************************
               *                                *
 Thank you for all your time & energy you put into finding a personality that you felt would work well with us & Peaches (Cockapoo). You did a great job!  He's our gentle, friendly little laid back surfer dude who is certainly helping our sweet, smart, gentle & shy Peaches.  Our entire family loves them both dearly. C'poo/Cheddar  3/17
*              *                     *
We have been very happy with Rosie.  She is sweet and a lot of fun.  She’s a keeper!Thanks for giving us a great dog.
C'poo 3/17
*                    *                            *
- just wanted to give you an update! She knows how to sit, stay, and come and loves to fall asleep to jazz music. Her personality is really developing now and she's so funny, still opinionated, loves to please her mom and dad. She also is super friendly and likes to stop and say hi to everyone, especially kids. 
Everybody stops to say that she is the cutest puppy they have ever seen :)
*              *          *    Zoey      C'poo 3/217 (9 wks)
Just wanted to let you know that we love Baylee to pieces. Here's a picture of her on her first shopping spree. C'poo 3/17
*                 *                  *
I really wanted to thank you so very much for everything. We were so blessed to meet you and so happy to have Baron in our lives. He is just perfect and seems to be our missing puzzle piece. He is the perfect puppy. We haven't heard one bark yet!  He is my little shadow. I can see all of the love that you put into them.  C'poo 2/17
*                        *                  *
 Scout has been a wonderful addition to our family!! He’s got the sweetest disposition - our "little marshmallow” is how we often describe him. C'poo 3/17
*                   *                               *
 Daisy s briliant. She is lively, and fearless and affectionate and fun. She tells you when she wants to go out. Love her to pieces. 1/17 C'poo
*                           *                                        *
Jax' first hike--he loved it!! And yes I can tell how much care you take in raising them, which is why I waited to get one of your puppies and will continue to recommend you widely. Thanks again!!!  S'poo 2/17
*               *             *                  *
I  wanted you to see how well Chewy is doing.  It hard to believe she is almost 8!  She is absolutely the sweetest, kindest dog ever!!
Thank you for her.  She brings the family joy, everyday!   C'poo
*               *                                          *
 Yogi has been an absolute delight and constantly amazes us with his charm and swagger.  We have recommended you as a breeder to everybody who falls in love with him, esp at the dog park. Happy New Year!    1/17  C'poo (now 8 mos old).
*                        *                
Just wanted to let you know that Ollie is settling in really well.  He is eating, is very playful, and is loving the garden. He is super smart and let us know when he wanted to poop and pee.
Thanks so much. C'poo 2/17
*                      *                                 *
We just wanted to share an update and let you know that Otto has settled in well here in D.C. We are completely in love with him! He slept the entire way home in the car without any accidents or illness. His first vet visit went well, too, and the vet was very impressed with his health, coat, and mannerism. This puppy is so well behaved! He sleeps through the night, settles into his puppy pen without any fussing, and after three days, became potty trained. He's also started going into his crate on his own, even when he has full freedom in the pen. He is very smart and loves playing games, especially hide and seek. When not licking or cuddling, he's playing fetch or chewing one of his many toys. He starts puppy kindergarten next week.
*                        *                                             *
Hope all is well and all are healthy!  As for Barkley, there has been NO transitional issues AT ALL!  He is quite active and has learned to ascend and now, to descend stairs/steps, relieves himself immediately when taken outside, and has learned a few words…..his name, outside, GOOD BOY, treat, and hungry.  There is no need to coax his appetite, he is quite an eager eater!!  Playing in the fenced in backyard has been great exercise for him.
We visited Dr. Orth at Governor’s Animal Hospital on Friday.  Great and healthy report.  Almost 9 lbs. I have made the next appointment on March 1, to continue his series of vaccinations.  
Barkley has already attended a dinner party at the home of friends, had multiple visitors here at the house, and we hosted a party last night with 14 guests and 1 more dog!!  He slept great last night!
Many thanks for being a conscientious breeder.  We look forward to many happy experiences over many years to come.     Life is good!! (C'poo 2/17)
*                               *                                                *
He is such a joy and we can't thank you enough for raising such a sweet and smart puppy! Thank you!  C'poo 2/17
*                *                      *     
Barkley is quite content!  He is eating, drinking, and using the outdoors exclusively to do his business!   Yesterday, we went on a shopping trip together.  Last night, he was off sleeping soundly in his crate, but popped up at 12:30am.  I brought him onto the sofa with me and we slept in until 7:30!  He is such a good boy. (C'poo -- one day at home :) 2/17
*                     *                         *
*  Just wanted to tell you what a wonderful dog Ellie is! Within ten minutes of leaving the farm, she was wagging her tail and she hasn't stopped! She has slept three nights with no accidents on her paper and is playful and sweet. Thank you so much! (S'poo, 8 wks, 2/17)
*                *                             *
Atticus is becoming quite the little companion!! I love him more and more everyday. So thankful I'll be taking him to Texas and everywhere else the army sends us this summer!! He's too cute ????  C'poo 1/17
*                    *                                   *
She is an angel...everyone falls for her...sweetest ever...great breed...so glad ;)  C'poo 1/17
*               *                     *
Waffles 1st birthday today, I thought I'd send you a quick update! He has been the happiest of additions to our family. He loves to chase the kids in the backyard, go for walks, and play with other puppies. Everyone who meets him loves him. We are so happy you picked him out for us! 1/17 C'poo
*                 *                       *
Bradley is the sweetest dog ever!!   He is such a spoiled little boy and lazy as anything LOL.  He is sleeping right by my desk in a little patch of sun that is coming through my window- he does not leave my side when I am home.   I definitely want to get another puppy  (shihpoo, 1/17).
*                  *                                  *
We are so happy you choose this puppy for us, we could not be happier!! 
We adopted Brewster from you a few years back.  He is absolutely perfect in every way-we adore him.  I am writing to see when your next litter is due?  We are considering buying a second dog.  The kids keep talking about Brewster having a friend. : ) C'poo 12/16
*                      *                 *
Have to tell you AGAIN...how wonderful this puppy is...she is a treasure...smart, loving, so eager to please (the perfect breed/puppy for us)...today she has doubled her weight @ 4 months to a whopping 10 #s and lost her first tooth (today!)...we are taking her for puppy kindergarten starting next week and the children couldn't be more excited!!  
She has normal "puppy" behavior...but not a mean bone in her...we are so very thankful for your care/diligence in placing such a calm sweet puppy in our family!!   C'poo 1/17
*                   *                   *
I thought for sure the novelty of a dog would wear off quickly but our children are completely crazy about him and he has become my fourth child:)  He has really been an amazing addition to our family and I had no idea what we were missing.  C'poo  12/16
*                *              *
 I wanted to give you an update on Bella. She's dining wonderful and has adjusted so well with our family. She's growing into a big healthy girl and is picking up training so well! C'poo  12/16
*                      *                       *
my daughter  purchased one of your cockapoos in September. She had no idea there were to types of cocker spaniel. Poe 5 months old now and is very smart. He knows how to sit, lay down, give paw, fetch, and we are still working on the stay thing because he loves to follow you all over the house. He is also potty trained.....C'poo 12/16
*               *                      *
Oreo is settling in really well with our family. We love him so much. He is such a sweet dog and follows me everywhere.   He is so good with kids.  ....
Cockapoo 9/16
*                *                     *

I just wanted to say again how much we all love Cookie! She's a wonderful puppy! Here's a recent picture at the Christmas tree farm. Cookie is doing great & the star of her puppy Kindergarten class :) C'poo 12/16
*             *               *
Just wanted to give you an update on our Frankie girl...she is doing great!!  SO smart and loving...within a few days was playing fetch, sitting down and staying for us...and I'm no dog trainer ;o)  She is a joy within our family.  12/16 C'poo
*                 *                        *
I just wanted to wish you a happy holiday and send you a note about our delightful puppy. He is such an amazing dog! So sweet, cuddly and attached. Every day he gets stronger and faster. He loves running in the woods, hanging out and relaxing and even enjoyed running on the beach and getting wet this summer. Thanks for sharing him with us. We are so thankful! 11/16
*                *                           *

 I follow you on Instagram and your pics and videos are so sweet and beautiful.

Cruz is doing so good and I want to thank you again for introducing the little sweetheart to me.  He has been a god-send in getting past the loss of Summer, my other dog,  and Axel and he are like brothers. Cockapoo 11/16

*                    *                                *

* She is just so special...and it is a blessing to have her as an addition to our family!  (C'poo 11/16)


THANK YOU for picking the perfect puppy for our family....Frankie has gotten acclimated in just a few days (speaking, eating, playing)!  We have already heard her voice...she is very communicative when needs potty....love....and is so docile with our children who are loving taking care of her. C'poo 11/16
*               *                     * 
  *We just wanted to thank you again!  We all love Cookie and she is really settling in.  We get so many compliments on her!  Everyone who meets her thinks she is the cutest little thing.  Our vet was also very complimentary and happy with her teeth, knees and eye.   C'poo 11/16
*                  *
I just wanted to let you know that Petie is doing great.  He’s beautiful smart and so lovable.  Thanks so much for giving us such a great puppy. C'poo 11/16
* * ******
Just wanted to send you a quick update on how Autumn is doing!  She has adjusted quickly to her new home and has already claimed a spot on the couch! She is happiest when we are all home as even if only one of the kids is missing she seems to look for them!  She has enjoyed going to a few soccer games and racing around our backyard!!! 
I have already told my children that she is my favorite child! Lol. -- Cockapoo 10/16
*                  *                             *
she is a great puppy. Very loved. Not scared of the other dogs which I love that. We love her personality. My friend has a golden across the street and she goes right up to her. 10/16  Shihpoo

*              *  She is doing great & loves riding in the car with me to pick up my 8 year old from school. She romps & plays & frolicks with each of us. Thank you again for entrusting us with her. Cockapoo 10/16

*             *               *

Georgie is the best looking dog anyone has ever seen.  He has also changed my life; I never used to be so friendly and mostly rather snobbish to people.  No more of that, feels a little strange.  The best thing is we love each other.  Really amazing.  
p.s. I took him to buy new bed linings today, he charmed the store lady so much, in the end she gave us a free bar of soap, Swedish made!  Quite a fancy one, too.  Shihpoo 11/16*  
*                 *                      *

 last Saturday we picked up our sweet black & white cockerpoo pup from you. We love her so much. Such a sweet, cuddly and playful girl. We were wondering if we could get on your waiting list for a male cockapoo pup. We understand that it won't be until next year but we have always loved having two dogs at a time and this little girl is such a treasure.  C'poo 10/16

*             *                  *

 Peaches has been playing and has gone potty outside every time so far. She seems to be smart & sweet and although she was very quiet & docile the entire 2 plus hour ride home, she is playful and cuddly and comes right up to each of us. She loves  snuggling up to the boys when she is finished playing.  She is perfect.          Cockapoo, 10/16
*             *                          *
Penny update! She's three months old today, and has firmly established her place in our family. We love her! She's the star of puppy kindergarten, loves chasing the other puppies around, going on walks with our older dog, and playing tug. Every time she goes out in the yard she brings in a stick to chew on.
*                     *                      *  Shihpoo 8/16
*                       *                        *
  She is wonderful. Bright and funny and opinionated, just as you said. She keeps this old lady laughing and going. Yesterday we took a long walk  on the Norwalk River Trail. She is the hit of the trail. She has to stop to talk to each dog that comes her way and kiss the owners.  She pretty much poops and pees when I take her out, so I am well trained. She sleeps eight hours  in her crate and is always ready to play and chew up oriental rugs, especially the fringes. Thanks to Bitter Apple the rugs are surviving.     Shihpoo 8/16
*                  *                  *
I have  timmy  one yr today thank u  for such a good  &  fun dog  he is my everything tx  7/16 Shihpoo
*          *        *
Just wanted to let you know that our little Sophie has been a perfect angel and a delight on her first day with us.  She was sooooo good on the ride home--no squirming, whimpering or anything.  We had her outside for a few minutes once we got home and she met two of our neighbors (who also fell in love and offered their "dog-sitting" services). She is eating well and took her vitamin this morning (I ordered more from the site you gave me).  She slept thru til about 5 a.m.-- when she whimpered a bit, and I took her out--she went potty (both) and then back inside and she was ready to play!!   We've noticed this morning she is getting more and more curious about her surroundings.  We couldn't be happier with her. C'poo 9/16
*                 *                              *


She has the sweetest disposition, is so much fun...And so very smart!  To me, a day without seeing Lulu is a day without sunshine.  She sure has captured a lot of hearts!  Shihpoo 9/16
*              **                     * 

I just want to let you know that Rocco (Blue Cross) is doing great and has settled in well.  He is very popular in the condo community!  Thanks so much!


 Cockapoo (9/16)

*                  *                         *

... how much Lulu has grown!  She is exactly as advertised...sweet, loving, VERY smart...a licker...and certainly an "opinionated" little lady. Lulu brings joy to everyone she meets and has reached celebrity status in town!  :) (S'poo) 8/16
*               *                                *
 I thought you might like an update on lovely Lulu. She is
the delight of both of our families.  She sleeps through the night in
her crate, eats her food and presents the usual puppy maladies but
nothing serious. She is a delightful, smart, loving little dog and as
you said earlier opinionated. We all love her as do the friends who
have showered her with toys.   8/16/   S'poo
*               *                           * 
(Lucky) is an absolute joy...very friendly and wonderful with our 3 year old daughter.  Thank you so much for raising such amazing puppies.  We truly love our new addition to our family. Shihpoo, 3/16
*                       *                                      *
She is exactly as advertised...sweet, loving, VERY smart...a licker...and certainly an "opinionated" little lady. Lulu brings joy to everyone she meets and has reached celebrity status in town!  :) Shihpoo 8/16
*             *                   *
HUCK is doing wonderful. He slept thru the night (first nght :)

Thank you so much we are truly happy to have this little bundle of cuteness as an addition to our family
Cpoo 7/16
*                     *                             *
Oreo is turning 1 on July 8th.  Thought you might enjoy seeing a picture of her all grown up.  She's a sweet dog.  We love her so much. S'poo 7/16
*                 **                   *
  Our little boy is 1 year old today-thank you so much for a such a sweet lovable puppy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Teddy, Cockapoo -- 6/16)
*                 *                              *
We bought two shih-poos from you about a year ago (you called them batman and superman). I just wanted to give you some awesome updates.*                         *                                     *                                  *
 Well, our baby (Shihpoo) is 11 months old and is doing great! He is such a love. He is very attached to both of us. He does a high five, shakes hands, speaks and I am trying to get him to sit up. When I say sit he lays down, Silly little boy, well anyway I just wanted to thank you again and let you know how he is doing, 6/16
*                   *                           * 
We started with a new vet last week for their year check up, and the vet told us that they were the healthiest dogs of their age that he had ever seen! Something to tell your clients!   S'poo 6/16
*                          *                                                     *


We took him to the vet today to have him checked out.  The vet said, “He’s perfect.”  We completely agree!
We are totally in love with this little puppy.  He gets so much attention.   We are home always.  He’s never alone.  We take him to track practice and meets and the kids just hover over him and pass him around.
He is so precious.  Such a sweet personality.
So thank you, thank you for this little bundle of joy!  S'poo. 5/16
*                *                        *
 let you know how completely adorable Bodi has been- he is just the puppy we were hoping for-  sweet, calm, very playful...he's been very adaptable and taken to his new home easily, no accidents, all good! 5/16 C'poo.
*     *                      *
Hi, my name is Ollie . I love my Mom and Dad, Susan and "Tut" my cat. I will
be 5 months old May 2nd and I weigh 15 lbs. I love to have my tummy rub
before my nap time. I hope you will come visit me.
with hugs and love, Ollie (C'poo 4/16)
*                *                          *
Duncan has settled in well.  He is very playful and fun, yet snuggly and loving. Just what we wanted!  Thanks so much for an awesome dog!  He has a great little personality and has found his bark!  He sounds like a ferocious monster around other dogs. It's hilarious!  

Sully(C'poo)  went for his 2 year checkup he passed with flying colors.  (Shihpoo, 4/16).

*                           *                          * 

The doc took note of his sparking white teeth. He said he never saw such pretty teeth on a small dog. I said, he’s young? He told me you’d be surprised how much he’s had to pull teeth on a young dog. 4/16

*             *                    *

 And I am happy to report that we had a great night sleeping (first night!). He was so good. He slept really well! He's eating, he's drinking, he's exploring, he's playing!  We're thrilled! We love him!  Thanks again for investing so much time into your puppies. You can really tell you care and for someone like me, that matters! I will definitely refer my friends to you! C'poo 4/16
*                 *                    *
Omg!! We are so in love! Callie has been the best puppy. Up to this point she has had no accidents (day 1 of being home). She did fantastic last night and slept great. Thank you thank you !
*          *                 *
Just thought you'd like to see that he's doing  incredible! Thanks for this little fluff ball, he's awesome. Cpoo 3/16
*                *                           *
We love our shihpoo we received from you almost 3 years ago! I can't say enough about how everyone falls in love with her. She doesn't chew things and she's sweet, loving and smart. 3/16
*                 *                             *
Bromley (Shihpoo) is doing great!!! He loves it here (mom, and three boys).  He sleeps in his crate at night and he goes in there on his own....has /loves his pillow pet, from your suggestions..
He is sleeping from about 10:30 to 6:30
Which is awesome:))
Doing well potty training and went to the vet and all well. We love him so so much and his personality is perfect for or family.  He has us loving and laughing.... Just amazing how much he brings to our family. Thank you.  (3/16)
 *                   *                            *.
Thank you so much for such a sweet puppy!  He was perfect in the car (5 hr ride t NY!) - just slept, no issues.  We appreciate all the advice and I am sure I will have some more questions in the next few days!  ???? Shihpoo 3/16
*               *                     *
**This puppy (8 wk old Shihpoo) is killing me. He's up for anything. (after 2 days :).  I put his harness on today. He never flinched. Then I attached his lead in the back yard. Still unfazed. Doesn't mind his crate. Likes being brushed. Responds to the word NO. He's curious exploring the different parts of the yard but isn't a bit careless. We play but he is quite happy entertaining himself. Has only had 2 accidents in the house which was our fault. Smart as the dickens. Goes to the kitchen door when he needs to pee. After playing outside he goes to the door to come in for a drink. Oh, and a couch potato!  When he tires he goes to the sofa and whimpers. Can't quite get up on his own but he is working on it. He is a delight.    3/16
*                *                   *                         *                                             *
Finley is doing really good.  He’s such a love bug.  He’s by my feet when I’m cooking, he follows me around the house, he’s playful and sweet. 3/16 Shihpoo
*                       *                     *
Just wanted to let you know that Waffles is doing amazing.  He is a silly, little, well-adjusted pup, just like you said he would be.  He is happy to be passed around and loves licking everyone.  He's doing great in his crate already! (2 days)  Last night he crawled right in and slept until almost 7am--not a peep all night!  Everyone who has met him loves him, especially our munchkins.
Thanks again for raising such a little rockstar.  :) C'poo  3/16
*                   *                                    *

Rosie is settling in wonderfully - amazed she is sleeping well in her crate and pretty much toilet trained ;)!! (1 day)
I have already passed your details onto one other family in our community who are totally besotted with her! (C'poo, 3/16)
*                      *                                 *
We went to the vet yesterday and she is healthy as a horse! 4.8 pounds :)
Shes adjusting VERY well, only cries for about 10 minutes in her crate. Sweetest little girl! Everyone who meets her falls in love with her. 
Thank you again for everything. Cockapoo, 3/16
*              *                 *
We just wanted to say thank you again (for our)  little football (Bullie).  After some tossing of names around we have finally found her perfect name, Zoe.  She is doing great, all of the boys just adore her, our two year old and her have become pretty good buddies, but most especially my husband is just so happy to have her.  They really have become the best of friends!   2/16
*                    *                               *
  July's pup, Barkley (English Bullie) ....He just turned one and weighs about 60 lbs...He has the most relaxed personality and is so sweet...He is an awesome addition to our family...We have been asked so many times if we would breed him but he had already been fixed.
*               *                    *
  Life is so much nicer, more peaceful, more joyful and more rewarding with Sol at my side. You are behind all that. It would not be possible without you. God bless you and your entire family. 12/15 C'poo
*                *                         *
Lenny is such a great puppy! Sleeping through the night outside of crate without any accidents already (9 wks) Thank you for giving him best possible start! Everybody is in love with him and asked me for breeder info... (Shihpoo 12/15)
*                      *                           *
Sol is an absolute JOY. Everybody who meets him immediately falls inlove. Thank you so much!
12/15 C'poo
*                     **                        *
My husband and I bought two shih-poo pups from you earlier this year (the ones you called Batman and Superman. We are head over heels for our boys!
11/15, Shihpoo's
*                         *                            *
Thought you would want to know that I am totally in love with my family, especially me girl, Noelle!  We are inseparable!  I now weigh almost 8 pounds!  My vet says I am doing wonderful!  My family is crazy about me, too!  Love, Rex  11/15 c'poo
*             *                 *
Thanks for breeding such a fine companion for us. We just love him! C'poo   10/15
*                 *                  *
  just wanted to let you know how fantastic these boys are. I keep getting stopped all the time to ask about these dogs. I am doing some advertising for you; However, you probably don't need it. My daughters dog Rufus is also great. They are so different but the best of friends. Makes me think of a third one every now and then :)  C'poo 11/15
*            *                           *
Chelsie is very spoiled and loved a lot! I've been thinking of getting another Shihpoo from you!  10/15
*           *                   *                          *
We found a good vet, she is very nice. We are very lucky to have found you and Jack.  My daughter  came up yesterday and just fell in love with him, and wore him out playing. Oh, and he sleeps all night without a sound in his crate. He is very happy in there. 
Shihpoo 9/19/15
*            *                      *
Cooper is doing so well, he is so smart and learning every day. He is great at potty training and eating well, we are having a blast with him!!
You are so special to our family. Cockapoo, 10/15
*             *                             *
You gave Coco such an awesome start in this life. We are so grateful. We sure do love her. She has stolen our hearts for sure.  (Shihpoo, 9/15) TS
*               *                             *
His name is Timmy. My Vet, Dr. K said he is perfect weight. 3.2lbs. eats 3x/day. I love my Timmy and all my neighbors think he is so cute. Cute. best in my development. Tx. He is my little baby. already trained. Shihpoo, 8 wks. ML  9/15
*                *                         *
. Millie and Olive are doing so well! Millie went from black/brown/white to grayish brown and black and white. She's a rainbow. They're both such good dogs! Great temperament, love to play, run, and fetch. Millie's even caught a few balls mid-air! Olive is the shyer of the two. Millie is quite spunky. So much fun! Love them to pieces!  (A year apart; same dad; different Cocker moms.)
Cockapoo's 3/15
*            *              *
Baxter is doing great and growing.  He had a busy week with my visiting grandkids and we are now settling in to our routine.  He has become the mascot at work and sleeps by my feet under my desk. The vet said you took very good care of him. He has been a joy already. 
 just wanted to write and let you know how much we love Clover. She is a wonderful puppy and we are just crazy about her. Thank you again for all of your help. Just wanted to let you know that this puppy is well loved and doing great.
C'poo 8/15
*                     *                    *
  Ms. Beasley at my husband's feet - her favorite place to rest.  She is a darling and doing great!
C'poo 8/15
*            *                    *
*You made the adoption a pleasure-really appreciated the pix letting me see how they were growing and always available for questions.
Cockapoo 8/15    MJH      
*            *                *                 
This is Noah who we brought from you in 2011. He has been such a joy to our family and a trooper in dealing with my first grandson who is almost 2 and a second one who is 2 weeks old. I do hope that you receive this information. Noah has always been so lovable. Take care. 6/15
*                *                   *
 Just wanted to tell you how wonderful our boys are. We are absolutely in love with them, as are all our friends!
Shihpoo's 3/15
*                 *                          *
Thank you for breeding such a great guy!!! He is already using the outdoors to do his business and slept in his crate last night. We have fallen hard for him!
Shihpoo 2/15
*                *                  *
We named the puppy Chelse. She is adjusting well. Already, terribly spoiled. Thank you for such a precious puppy. 
Shihpoo 2/15
+                +                    +

She is doing great- slept well, is eating well and loves to sit on our feet whereever we sit. :) loves chasing a small ball around the house too.  She is a great dog!
3/15 Shihpoo
Banjo is just perfect!  I don't know what breeding magic you have there at Windhorse, but, keep it up. He sleeps through the night, plays great with kids, has learned to walk in the leash already, and is just the sweetest, cutest thing! Thanks so much!!!
C'poo 8/14
*                    *                  *
I just wanted to let you know that Willow was the best thing to ever happen to us!
Cockapoo 2/15
*             *              *
Just wanted to give you a quick update on Murphy and tell you thanks for such a wonderful puppy!!  He has adjusted quickly to his new home and has a wonderful loving personality.  He has met quite a few new dogs and people - he loves them all - but his best friend is our cat Porter!!  In only a couple weeks he has learned his name, to sit, and is kennel trained ... (he even puts himself to bed early on busy days!!).  He is very close to being potty trained (12 wks)  Cockapoo 2/15 
Bradley is settling in nicely. Took him to the vet today; he is doing great! He is such a sweet and loving puppy. He plays like a kitten. He loves to play fetch and then when h tires out, he wants to be held. He is so lovey!
 S'poo 1/15
*               *                   *
 It was a pleasure meeting your dogs and holding your little pups.  It is evident that you are an excellent and experienced breeder who really loves and values her animals' health and well-being.  1/2/15  MP
*                *                          *
 Savannah is wonderful! She has become a local celebrity in Southport- I can't go anywhere without people falling in live with her. She sleeps through the night in her kennel and we have had no accidents! She loves the beach and is very gentle and sweet. Thank you again- she is a wonderful addition to our family!
C'poo 10/14
*               *                       *
This dog is fantastic and we love her so much!  She’s such a lover and just wants to be close to whomever is around.  She has enthusiastically greeted every person she has met.  She has absolutely no issues with being handled at all and did great at the vet. As far as housebreaking goes, it has been a lot easier than I anticipated.  We have only had one accident in the house and that was on day 1.  The sleeping at night has been great.  She was up at 4:50 the other day but that was only because I accidentally woke her when I got up for a minute.  So that was an early morning. Today I woke her up at6:15, and was surprised that Ellie (my younger) was sitting silently outside of her crate waiting for her to wake up.  She had been sitting there for 30 minutes!  Ha!  Right now as I write this she is sleeping on my foot.  She is absolutely wonderful.

Thank you for everything you did to provide such a healthy, happy, well-adjusted and completely lovable addition to our family.  She is the best!
C'poo 9/14
*                    *                          *
 We love our little Bruiser.  He’s doing very well and is our little “Firecracker”!  He loves to run laps around the back yard to let off energy and also enjoys playing, especially when company comes over.  He has the best personality and is very smart.  Thank you again.
1/15 Shihpoo
*               *                           *
  Cocoa is doing well!  We often say we don't know how we ever got along with out her!  Hope you are doing well. 
S'poo   9/14
*                          *                                *
...a note to say hello, hope you are well!   thinking of you as it's samson's 2 year anniversary with us and we are all (still) very much in love!  
he is such a great little guy
cute, cuddly, loving, fun, calm, collected, and, occasionally rascally! he likes to go on moderate hikes with us, and enjoys the beach/sand.  he's stayed "small" in size at 10 lbs.,  but, is big in his perfect personality.  when the kids go back to school, i'm hoping to work on getting him into creature comfort pet therapy
C'poo 9/14
*                          *                            *
We bonded like crazy! He loves me and my husband too! We are one happy family! So happy to have him with us at home and through our travels :) He is almost a perfect little dog! We start puppy classes on Mon. night in town! He will love it being the social butterfly that he is!! He is easy, well behaved and sweet as can be. I think my husband and son love him as much as me if that is possible.   (P.S.  We just finished hiking in Utah for ten days.) .
Shihpoo 8/14
*                            *                                  *

We wanted to let you know how happy we are to have Cocoa a part of our family!  She is so sweet and we are having a great time with her! My girls are in heaven!   Thank you for our sweet puppy!

8/14  Shihpoo
*                     *                  *
Chloe has been a little sweetheart with lots of kisses and she loves to snuggle!!  She had a great ride home from WHO and let us know twice that she had to potty!  She slept through the night and has already picked out two of her favorite toys and of course she loves treats!  She has already learned how to go up and down stairs (two flights!) and she has recently learned to hit the bells on the door to go outside to potty!  I cannot believe how fast she has caught on and how she has easily transitioned to our home!  She is also very well behaved.  As soon as I give the word "no" she stops and listens.  I am so impressed, and R and I could not ask for a better puppy to welcome to our family!  Such a good girl!!
Chloe also had her first vet visit today...perfectly healthy and she was wagging her tail the whole time.
9/18/12  Cockapoo
*            *                  *
Just wanted to say hi and let you know Murphy is doing great. We took him to the vet today and he is 11 lbs. The vet said he looks great and is super healthy. He had his last series of puppy shots today!
We love him so much and he is fitting in well here with us. He sleeps great, loves to go for walks and likes to sit on the porch and watch the squirrels and birds.  Cockapoo 7/14
*         *             *
My sister in law and her family bought a cockapoo mini from you a few years ago and they are in total love with their sweet dog. They highly recommended you as a breeder. My family is interested in getting a puppy now as well.   7/26/14
Just wanted to let you know Murphy was such a good boy last night. He slept in his crate from 9:30-5:45am. Now is taking another nap at 7:30am. He has had no accidents in the house and has already poo'ed outside twice. Such a wonderful puppy. Could not have asked for a better experience. You have been very supportive and informing. Murphy is awesome. Thank you again.
Cockapoo 4/14
*             *               *
.I just wanted to let you know that Dexter is doing really well!  Crate training was a breeze, and potty training is going well with only a few hiccups.  He knows sit, shake with both paws, and lay down.  We're working on roll over and drop it (as in drop it, stop chewing on my pants, shoelaces, fingers, etc. hah!).  This picture shows him in his favorite spot.  He loves to sit on my lap and chew his toys.  He's healthy and happy.  He hasn't met a lot of dogs yet since he doesn't have all of his shots, but he absolutely loves people.  He isn't shy at all.  Just wanted to let you know that he's so great!  Thanks!! 
C'poo 1/14
*                *                    *
The Vet says she is in great health and growing very well.  Lola has been doing well on the Natures Choice chicken, rice and oatmeal puppy formula.  She tries to chew everything in sight, including our fingers and toes.  We are working on getting her out of that habit!  She still enjoys being cuddled, especially when she is tired.  Lola is doing very well with the crate training.  She has started to go in the crate on her own when she is ready to take a nap.
English Bulldog 1/14
+                *                   *
. Bungee is doing amazing; we feel like the luckiest family. We had so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. :) She has nothing but love to give. She's smart and is perfect for our family (Cockapoo 12/13)
*            *                *
I just wanted to give an update on my furbaby girl, Chloe. Yesterday was her first official Halloween (the first Halloween last year she was only a couple months old, so she did not participate), and she did very well! Although there were many masks and different kinds of costumes as well as many kids running up to the door, she still continued to wiggle her little tail and greet everyone at the door. Everyone was so impressed with her demeanor and everyone that met her loved her. She is such a very happy, special little pup! I am thankful each and everyday that she is in our lives! :0) Cockapoo 10/31/13

Dexter had a great visit at the vet yesterday.  He has a clean bill of health, although the vet said he has a pretty severe case of "wiggle butt" that he probably won't grow out of.  Hah!  His whole body tail wag cracks me up.  I love it.  He is such a joy, and the best little puppy.  He's doing pretty well with crate training and potty training, and he's also done really well meeting new people.  He has certainly outgrown his shy phase.  Everyone thinks he is just the cutest, which he is!  He is playful and curious but also so sweet and loving.  He's my cuddle buddy.  Thanks again for raising such a wonderful puppy!

1/14 C'poo

  *                 *                           *

My puppy went for her wellness check today. The vet said that she has been practicing for 37 yrs and she never saw as nice a coat as on my puppy :) -- Plus, let me tell you, she is SOOO SMART. We had had her for 6 days, and she has had one accident. She sleeps through the night in her little crate, never cries, and plays with me all day. She even figured the stairs out after 2 days!  12/13  C'poo

*                    *                            *

Ginger is perfect!  We really couldn't have asked for a better puppy.  She is such a sweet dog and smart too!  Ginger is the quickest to learn in her puppy training class.
10/13  Cockapoo (Spring x Muffin)
*              *                     *
 Our family couldn’t be more delighted with Toby -- our healthy, loveable and very vivacious cockapoo puppy born and bred at the beautiful horse farm Wind Horse Offering.  As Toby is our first dog, we’ve really appreciated Jeanne Davis giving us so many helpful tips for our new arrival.  I can’t say enough great things about our experience with Wind Horse and Jeanne! 
Cockapoo 10/13
*            *                 *
An update on Roxie, she had her first visit to the vet this past week which showed she is in excellent health. She weighs approx. 7.5 lbs. She is eating and sleeping well. Overall, she is adjusting to life with us very well. Thank you for everything!
Cockapoo 6/13
*               *                  *
Just wanted to give you an update on the boy. We have had him three weeks and he is almost completely potty trained. He has only had maybe seven accidents since we got him. He is definitely crate trained and has been sleeping through the night since the third night after we brought him home. Definitely the joy in our life. Everyone loves him.
6/13  Cockapoo
*                    *                                  *
Cockapoo testimonial    0824131025  Sally X Buddy, Cockapoo Testimonial :)
*                 *                                       *
 Rupert is doing fabulous.  We have made it two full days, with not one accident!!  He even has let me know in he mornings and a car ride, when he needed Togo potty ;)
   He also comes when he is called.  Sits by feet when he wants to be picked up or pet, and just overall is such a joy.  E does follow me around, and cry when I walk away - I think we have just bonded ;)
I cannot thank you enough for this fabulous baby.  You can definitely tell that a lot of hard work goes into getting them ready to go home, and thank you! 
 Cockapoo, 7/13
*                   *                  *
Dear Jeanne,
We don't even know how to begin to thank YOU for our little "Champ"!  
He is simply the best pup ever!  So sweet, so smart and so VERY playful! 
We are so impressed with his tender temperament and loving nature.
We've had smiles on our faces ever since we bought him home!
His first vet visit went terrific...not only was Champ given an excellent bill of health,
but the vet and her staff adored him...finding him to be very loving and social.
Jeanne, you have made our entire experience so wonderful from 
the moment we met you, patiently answering all of our many questions
whether over the phone, email or during one of our visits to beautiful WHO!   
We love Champ but we also think the world of YOU!
You truly are an amazing person, so caring and loving to all animals.
Champ, Cockapoo, 5/13  (Lily/Muffin)
*                *                       *
 We wanted to let you know that Bungee is AMAZING! We love her so much and she's a great little puppy. She adjusted quickly, is so smart, and loves every person and dog she sees. So much love to give.   9/13 Cockapoo (Spring/Muffin)
*                 *                        *
"Chief" went to vet today.  He is a big 6 lbs 2oz and all healthy.  He is truly a remarkable little guy -friendly, smart and calm.  Last night slept from 10 to 6:30 am without any accidents and didn't even bark when we came in room just wagged his tail.  Impressive.   Thanks for raising such a sweet puppy,
(Cockapoo at 8 wks, 1/13, West Chester, PA)
*                      *                         *
 Samson  is in good health, so sweet and has a terrific temperament. he hasn't even chewed up one thing in our house and is not nippy at all.
sam loves to play ball in the yard, is a fast little runner, and is a super snuggler with all of us. 
samson is particularly famous for - and everyone just loves - how his whole body wags!  it is a fantastic and fun thing to behold.  you can not help but smile and giggle. 
(Cockapoo, 2/ 6/13)
. Olivia & Riley are doing wonderful! They have been the best little additions to our families. They are together just about every day and miss each other terribly when they miss a day of playing. Olivia (my sisters pup) is up to 7 lbs, and little Rylie is around 6lbs. They are absolute doll babies and couldn't be loved more! Thanks so much for our wonderful little angels. (Shih Tzu's) 1/13
*               *                             *
Just wanted to let you know Bella is doing great. She is a wonderful little traveler with so may air miles that she should have her own frequent flier card.
We have a condo in Ft. Lauderdale and she and I fly there a lot and she is great on the plane.
I love this dog dearly and know she had a good start when she was born.
Thanks for letting us be a match.
12/12 Julie and Bella (Shih-poo)
*               *                                  *
Just wanted to thank you for our amazing puppy "Cubby". He has been an absolute joy and the perfect addition to our family! Cubby has been to the vet on two occasions for a new puppy visit and his routine vaccinations. The entire staff was immediately in love with our little cockapoo and he has been in perfect health! He is twelve weeks old tomorrow and weighs just over 6 pounds. He is a laid back and easy going puppy who loves everyone he meets. Cubby also adores his older sister (a 9 year old golden retriever). Thank you for taking such great care of him and breeding such wonderful healthy puppies!
10/1/12  The O's, MD
*               *                                 *
OH, I took her to the beach last week and she loved it.. she would jump the waves and roll in the sand.
I think she would have swum to China if I didn't have a really long lead on her.  It was a beautiful 70 degree day and I had a hard time getting her away from the water.
JFK  2011
*                *               *
He's definitely adjusted to life in Philly! He's getting more and more comfortable in my apartment, already making it a home of his own! And his personality is getting bigger each day! His housebreaking has been remarkable--though we had some accidents on Monday, and in spite of the horrible weather the past few days, he already knows the word "outside" as a command for going to the bathroom! Which is helpful, because he usually needs to be refocused as he's tumbling and jumping into huge piles of leaves! :)
He also loves the slew of toys I bought for him, but his favorite is a small, plush squeaky beaver, which he carries around everywhere and has already learned to bury/hide before he leave the house or a room!
Owen, Shih poo at 8 wks, 12/12
*            *                       *
She (Cockapoo/Bonnie) is such a lover. After meeting her my landlord renewed my lease for another 3 years! She is such a big girl now - 8 months and 16 pounds, and she is so very good. She has never chewed furniture or anything else but her toys. She is calm and quiet, but we have lots of fun playing with other dogs at the dog park. Best of all she is a snuggle bunny. She will sit in our laps with her head on our chest or shoulder and just let us love her up. People ask me all the time where we got her and I happily tell them how to contact you. I hope all is well with you and all of your charges. We think of you often and can't thank you enough.  3/13
*              *                    *

He is such a cutie - so loveable and personality plus!  When he wants to be on my lap, he likes to snuggle close in my neck.  He LOVES his toys!!!  We have them in a nylon pop-up crate, which serves as his toybox.  He knows which one he wants to play with and pulls every other out to get to the ONE he wants!  He is a good sport, too!  We have dressed him up for Halloween, and he doesn't seem to care. 

Gizmo 2011

*              *                    *

Turner just had her first check-up at the vet. Besides everyone there following in love with her, she checked out in perfect health. She weighed 2.13lbs.

Turner is healthy and happy. I love her so much. I don't know who loves who more. Its a close race.

September 2012  JP   Norfolk, VA

*            *                   *

 I just wanted to send you an email because next week Harvey will be turning one year old. He is the best dog that we could have ever asked for. He is extremely smart, loving, adorable, and friendly with everyone he meets. Everywhere we go he turns heads and people are always stopping us to ask what kind of dog he is.

Cockapoo 7/13

*                 *                        *

You have sold us an ange!.  Bonnie is such a good little puppy.  She
adapted to our routine very quickly.  She knows her name already and
comes running when we call her, she walks on a leash, has had a few
tinkle accidents inside but does everything else outside, she sleeps 6
1/2 hours at nite, goes out to tinkle and falls right back to sleep.
She loves the kids in the neighborhood and has made great friends with
the Pug next door.  Every day when I come home from work she is asleep
in my husband's lap.  It is so much fun watching her grow.  We can't thank
you enough.

 Bonnie     (Cockapoo) 9/12

 "I adopted my cockapoo Finnegan from Jeanne back in October of 2010. He is the doggie love of my life. He has a great personality and is very playful. He has been in perfect health since day one and I couldn't ask for a better companion. In the future I plan on getting Finnegan a friend and I will definitely come back to Jeanne after the wonderful experience I have had so far with Finnegan."

K. B..  (P.S.  Finnegan did get a brother, Oliver, a black Cockapoo from Spring, Muffin in Sept 2012 :)

*                    *                                 *

She (Bette Midler) makes me laugh everyday!  You should see her sail over the sofa playing "chase me, catch me" with my cocker.  She grabs hold of the end of the toilet paper and runs through the house!  Her favorite thing to do (and the lab taught her this) is to flip off the bathroom trash lid and grab paper cups, then run through the house with the cup stuck to her nose.  So cute!!!!  I've attached a little ditty, too. Cut, paste, rearrange, edit...... anything you want!  We LOVE our pup!    She celebrated her 1st birthday, complete with "frosty paws" ice cream and presents.  She still thinks that she is a little tiger, trying to rule the roost.  She's our precious baby!

Beth P. (10/09)
*               *                       *
quick note to tell you how much we are loving our little "Louie"  He has adjusted beautifully to our family-does not cry at night, loves to play with all the kids and the many visitors
*                 *            *
I just thought I would drop you a note about my precious little girl I got from you.
She is in perfect health.  She is a very quiet layed back puppy most of the time. 
She is outgoing and friendly with everyone.  When she is active she can be a 
handfull-- running and playing and doing what I call " having the crazies". 
 The vet even commented.  "I have never had a dog come in here, get 3 shots and
still wag her tail and love me all over without shaking and tryng to get away" 
Joanne 11/11
*                        *             
You were right - we just LOVE this puppy!  We want to
thank you so much for everything you did for us while we were waiting
for this puppy -- the updates, quick responses to all inquiries,
pictures and especially your patience.  On our very first visit to WHO
it was obvious that all of your animals are well treated, happy and
love you very much,  It certainly has been passed on to our little
Bonnie.  She chewed on a new toy on the drive home, then curled up on
my lap and slept for almost the entire drive.  As we approached
Annapolis she began to fidget so we stopped in a safe place, put her
in the grass where she played for a minute and then tinkled.  We got
back in the car and she curled up on my lap and fell asleep again
until we got home.
Her first vet visit today confirmed a healthy puppy.  
L&L  9/12 (Cockapoo)
*            *                *
She is completely house trained, very outgoing, loves everyone and everything. Her backside never stops wagging. I am really pleased with this little pup... she is smart, learns quickly and is completely trustworthy in the house. She loves the outdoors and tries to catch every bird and rabbit she sees. I put her on a really long lead so she can run to her hearts content in an open grass area. She loves the water... bath time she runs to the tub and tries to jump in... I can't wait till summer so that she can experience a stream that runs by me and I'll check her out on swimming. J.F. 2/12 re Cloe, Cockapoo
*               *                             *
I was hesitant to buy another cockapoo as my experience with them has been yippie/hyper dogs. You introduced me to a full brother of my Toby and told me what a laid back sweetheart he is. I took a leap of faith and took the then tiny pup home. I wanted you to know that everything you told me about their temperament has proven true. Toby is a wonderful, non yappie, calm, social, gentle sweetheart.
S.K.  8/4/11
*         *              *
Maisy.  Our girl is almost 10 months old and what a wonderful puppy she is!  We cannot be happier with her in our family.  She is just the sweetest and smartest pup ever!  She loves our 2 boys so much and they are over the moon about her.  She is playful, fun, gentle when she needs to be and the picture-perfect healthy puppy.  We adore her!  Thank you so much for breeding such special puppies. M. 10/5/11
*          *       *
I took the puppy to
his first vet appointment today and he is in great health! Thank you
for taking such excellent care of him for the first 8 weeks.  We
couldn't be happier!  Lauren   7/12
*            *              *
Penny has been doing great she already knows how to sit and knows her name. She's very playful and loves to play tug of war, almost fetch, and to relax with a good bone. Saturday she is getting her rabies shot:) Next saturday Penny will have her first haircut!
(Penny is a Shih poo/ belonging to an 11 year old ballerina) 8/16/12
*                *                               *
Thank you for taking the time out of your day to speak to us. Yes, it did put our mind at ease. We're glad we got to meet you, Lilly and Muffin and able to pick out a pup from Lilly's litter. The darker tan pup with the tongue sticking out was just so adorable. We can't wait to pick her up.
My husband and i were so impressed with Chien and all your dogs. They are so well behaved. Wish you were closer to help us train.
Thank you again.
JW    8/12
*               *                   *
Thank you Jeanne.  You made this experience VERY enjoyable.  Thank YOU for your enthusiasm and support.  The kids have not put the puppy down since we've been home!
Mac and Family 9/2/12