Fidelia -- out of 1/2 Andalusian mare, Hermana, by TB stallion Federal Trial, on a lazy, drizzily morning.

"We can't change the world except insofar as we change the way we look at the world - and, in fact, any one of us can make that change, in any direction, at any moment. The point of life, in the view of the Dalai Lama, is happiness, and that lies within our grasp, our untapped potential, with every breath".

- Pico Iyler
"Matter is neither created, or destroyed. If that is true, then what was, is."

 - Nikki Giovanni (poet)
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Wind Horse Offering is geared specifically and committed to empathetic, yet  both practical and classical training of the horse and/or rider.  I believe that every horse has it own potential and limitations, and understanding the horse as an individual is crucial to a positive training and performance experience. It is important to me that the horse is healthy and happy; and that the horse is balanced in the work load, expectations and mental capability -- that the horse be developed within himself by knowledge and empathy.

I work with horses and with riders, individually, to develop the potential in each, from Pony Club, to 2 year old horses, to Advanced Three Day Riders, and Upper Level Dressage Riders, and potential FEI horses.

Training horses is a process, like everything else. I have been fortunate to make a living being able to help people and horses achieve what might have been beyond their scope or imagined reality.  The horses in my life have been True Friends!  I am lucky to have been a part of their lives.

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